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ContactEngine welcome Professor Michael Luck of King’s College London to AI Advisory Board

ContactEngine, the next generation Customer Engagement Hub technology specialising in conversational AI, have welcomed another influential new AI Advisory Board member, Professor Michael Luck of King’s College London.

Michael is Executive Dean of the Faculty of Natural and Mathematical Sciences at King’s and is a professor of Computer Science. He is an expert in multi-agent systems – computerised systems composed of multiple interacting intelligent agents – and has written over 300 papers and 12 books on his research.

Professor Luck will be collaborating closely with ContactEngine’s innovation team to advise on more sophisticated and complex AI applications within customer communications.

On joining the board, Professor Luck commented:

“It’s a pleasure to work with ContactEngine on advancing their AI capabilities. Multi-agent systems allow us to achieve things that couldn’t previously be achieved by a single computer. It’s through the collaboration and cooperation of multi-agent systems (both human and artificial intelligence) that customer conversations can become ever more effective, more sophisticated and more capable.”

ContactEngine’s CEO, Dr Mark K. Smith, commented:

“We’re very pleased to have Michael on board. Our goal is to make customer communications perfect using intelligent, multi-channel automation, and to do so we need to continually advance our AI and machine learning solutions. Michael’s expertise and extensive research in his field will bring new ideas and help further refine our AI-powered customer conversations.”

Chair of ContactEngine’s AI Advisory Board, Professor Nick Jennings of Imperial College London, added:

“There’s a strong synergy between ContactEngine’s strategic goals and the field of multi-agent technology. Multi-agent systems harness the combined power of artificial and human intelligence and are the future of meaningful and sophisticated customer communications. Professor Luck will be a great asset to ContactEngine’s research and innovation team.”

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