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Yolt ‘smart thinking’ money app announces exciting plans for 2019

Yolt, the smart thinking money app, surpassed half a million registered users last year, empowering people in the UK, Italy and France to gain a better understanding of their finances. In 2019, Yolt is planning to leverage the power of Open Banking even further to allow its users to spend and save smarter, with even more exciting additions, features and partners.

Over the next year, Yolt will continue to meet users’ needs to manage their finances through their mobile and embrace the foreseen turbocharged growth in the app market. Accelerating innovation through more collaboration, Yolt will look to expand its range of partners in their marketplace, Yolt Connect, moving beyond just personal finance to include utilities & bills and leisure & experiences. By offering the most relevant and innovative partners, Yolt aims to provide its users with access to an enhanced range of products and services tailored to their need. It’s Yolt’s aim to connect all of their users’ money needs to provide one, seamless and secure financial management app experience.

A key part of this story will be the introduction of ‘Yolt Pay’, a feature currently in testing. As the first app to successfully test a PIS API in the UK in 2018, Yolt is ideally placed to lead the way on payments. This next iteration will provide users with more control over handling their payments, with everything ‘money’ in one, secure place. The ambition for Yolt Pay, is that users will be able to make payments to friends and family as well as move money between their own accounts in the app.

Just as important as spending smart is saving smart and Yolt will empower their users to do this in 2019 with the introduction of a goal tracking feature. Users will be able to track, check and manage their money all in one place, through the Yolt app.

Furthermore, after successful launches in Italy and France in 2018, Yolt will continue its mission to become a pan-European platform. Primarily this means support for international accounts in the Yolt app.

Frank Jan Risseeuw, CEO, Yolt, comments:

“2019 looks set to be an exciting time for consumers with increasing choice in financial services empowering them to do more with their money. Advances in technology and regulation are already generating a growing openness to cross-industry partnerships and we can’t wait to introduce new features to Yolt. The acceleration of change and innovation in the money app space is overwhelmingly positive for users and, through collaboration and regulation, we intend to build an app with a range of products and services specifically tailored to our user’s needs. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our community and look forward to building this with our community in 2019.”

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