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“Customer expectations are driving digital transformation and operators need to react now”, warns Neural Technologies

Mobile operators’ IT networks are becoming increasingly complex with the growth of additional services demanded by customers each year. It is now more important than ever before for organisations to digitise their business processes to meet customer demands.

To cope with demands previously, IT departments would need to employ an extended workforce to manage both internal and external challenges. From managing current workload, to forecasting and considering future challenges, the difficulties faced by departments lead to higher operating costs that businesses simply do not have the budget for.

To cope with the increased level of network interaction, Neural Technologies – global leader in digital transformation technologies – suggests operators integrate a digital platform which centralises business logic to maximise customer experience.

“Information is often stored across different locations across the network, making it difficult for operators to deliver the fast-paced, high-quality services their customers expect,” said Claus Nielsen, Global VP of Marketing for Neural Technologies. “A consolidated neutral interface that integrates different touchpoint channels and orchestrates orders, can consistently enhance customer experience and accelerate order completion rate.”

An essential tool for organisations starting out on their digital transformation journeys is Optimus from Neural Technologies. Optimus is an all-in-one, highly-configurable Event Data Lake Platform that provides Event Data collection and distribution, Event Data management, Revenue Protection, Advanced Automation and Analytics.

A complete transformational strategy is key for successful digital transformation and the Optimus Ecosystem successfully delivers this with minimal risk and an overall lower investment; key requirements for many enterprises. In particular, operators’ challenges in digitising business processes can be solved by the Advanced Automation and Analytics value proposition from Neural Technologies as part of their Optimus Ecosystem.

Claus Nielsen added: “We understand that the changes organisations make now can have effects much further down the line, which is why it is so important for operators to deploy technologies like Optimus to digitise their various business processes at this key turning point at the industry.”

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