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Businesses expect to change processes and software as a result of Brexit

A new survey from Eggplant, the customer experience optimization specialist, has revealed that 81% of businesses are likely to review or update existing business processes and software as a result of Brexit.  The survey also found that 65% of organizations believe it is certain or very likely that Brexit will impact software systems and processes.

However, it seems that businesses are ill-prepared – mainly because they don’t know how.  When it comes to an organization’s systems, 57% expect tackling Brexit will be be far more complex to prepare for than Y2K/the Millennium Bug.

It seems these issues are being felt more keenly at board level.  68% of C-suite responders said that planning for Brexit is far more challenging than Y2K, and 79% believe that Brexit is certain or very likely to impact on software systems and processes.

The survey, conducted among 250 UK business leaders from C-level (36%), operations, IT and software management roles, also revealed that the significant upheaval and change will mostly affect technology and IT processes (30%) followed by supply chain (17%).

With 81% believing it likely or certain that existing processes or software will have to be reviewed or updated as a result of Brexit, it’s no surprise that over two-thirds of respondents (69%) are considering hiring new staff. The impact of Brexit will also drive organizations to implement automation, with 73% certain, very likely, or likely to adopt automation for new administrative tasks.

Dr. John Bates, tech entrepreneur and CEO of Eggplant, said:

“We are witnessing one of the greatest periods of uncertainty in our lifetime and this is amplified at an organizational level when it comes to software and processes and the interconnected supply chain. Intelligent automation will be fundamental to enabling operations, tech and software teams to test post-Brexit business models and coping with the potential challenges ahead.”

“From mission-critical operations to ensuring quality consumer experiences, Britain will be tested rigorously for continuity beyond Brexit.