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New product aims to put a stop to site theft, data blackspots and downtime

British technology company, Sunstone Systems, has today unveiled the latest product in its range, the Autonomous Remote Communications Unit (ARC). Scalable, portable and modular, the ARC has been created to provide flexibility for a wide range of sites and events.

The ARC is an off-grid product capable of delivering 24/7 HD CCTV powered entirely by solar energy. It is designed for sites that require robust, flexible, cost-effective solutions for their security and safety needs, which means remote locations can be secure and connected without the need for hard wired power or data. The ARC also enables wireless cellular or WiFi networks in areas with no existing infrastructure, putting an end to the problem of communication blackspots on site. This reduces civil engineering costs by eliminating the need for groundworks to install masts and ducting for power and data cabling.

The ARC is rapid to deploy too – it can be installed, and operational in under an hour. Regardless of its location, the ARC also comes with system health monitoring, which means Sunstone engineers are alerted to any potential issues and can proactively attend a site to mitigate downtime. Each unit is 99% recyclable and, because it is powered by solar energy, can reduce a sites carbon footprint by up to 500kg’s per year – critical for all sectors looking to cut CO2 emissions in line with The Paris Agreement.

Paul Schelhaas, CEO, Sunstone Systems, commented,

“What we have developed is a product that offers scalable site security, access to high-speed broadband from day one of a project and with zero-emissions or noise pollution, that can be installed and running in minutes. It was designed to keep people, products and property secure by vastly reducing costly and unplanned downtime – something all sites suffer with at some stage.”

The ARC is a premium product unlike anything else on the market currently. It is designed, manufactured and tested in the UK by Sunstone Systems. Bespoke modifications will be considered by the team. It can be either rented, leased or bought. The starting purchase price is £15,000 with rental prices starting from £350 per week. The cost of lease purchase options and specific events packages are available on application. Remote monitoring, broadband set-up and service and monthly data costs also apply.

Schelhaas continued,

“In order for this product to be suitable for multiple audiences but simultaneously specific to each individual site, it has been designed with flexibility in mind – fittings can be changed and extras added. This means every site is able to tailor the ARC to its own requirements and only pay for what they need.”


Product specifications

Because the product has been designed to cater for a wide variety of site needs and situations there are a number of options available when it comes to specification. Each unit comes with built-in anti-theft and vandalism measures, including built-in GPS, concealed hinges, fully enclosed, ruggedised and lockable cabinet with IP66 rating and an anti-vandal collar, with the option to add sensors. The ARC also comes with site surveillance as standard, either PTZ or four static cameras with virtual trip wires and exclusion zones. However, the cameras, and associated cost, can be removed from the product if a site already has its own. Similarly, wireless equipment is also included but can be removed if unnecessary.

The purchase unit comes with an integrated and fully telescopic mast and a foldable solar array for ease of deployment and movement so it can be easily moved to multiple locations. It also comes with a painted base, cabinet and mast and can be white labelled as required.

Every installation comes with a site survey as standard to ensure the ARC effectively meets the security and communication needs of the client’s operational requirements. This is carried out by the Sunstone team. However, when purchasing the unit, Sunstone will also provide a template for sites to be able to replicate this process as required. Support materials and telephone technical support are also included.

There are also a number of additional options for sites renting the unit. These include integrated PA systems and LED lighting for instant deterrents to on-site issues. If that is not enough, a 24/7 remote monitoring service can be added, which means a response team can be dispatched and the emergency services alerted should there be a site break-in. There is also the option to add high-speed broadband connection and site-wide WiFi so a site can be connected and fully functional on day one of a project.

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