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Nexus Manages Uptime through Data Driven Approach

Leeds-based Nexus Vehicle Rental, the UK’s leading tech driven business mobility provider, has increased customer bookings by 50% over the last 12 months while maintaining a perfect end-user satisfaction score.

Nexus has provided Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) since the company was founded in 1999 and has carved its market niche by applying technology to meet the changing needs of business customers.

The company develops award-winning fleet management software and connects business customers to the largest vehicle supply chain in the UK through IRIS, its pioneering rental booking and management portal.

In this way, Nexus is transforming the vehicle rental industry in a similar way to how Uber has disrupted taxi services – by providing on-demand access to the largest mobility supply chain through technology, keeping costs lean by not needing to own any assets.

IRIS has seen a huge increase in demand over the last year and it recently completed its milestone two millionth booking.

Nexus received a 44% increase in app server requests year-on-year but delivered a 99.999% uptime on all web applications, ensuring service was not disrupted. Similarly, Nexus has maintained a perfect Apdex (Application Performance Index) score, which measures satisfaction of response times, of 1.

Agility is key to this business and in order to remain responsive, Nexus’ IT team recently redesigned its mobile site to provide an on-the-move mobility management service. It has also invested in developing a Management Information (MI) suite that automatically analyses customer data to identify the most cost-effective options for clients, saving them up to 20% on their rental spend through minimising inefficiencies.

Chris Dedman, Product Development & Implementation Manager at Nexus Vehicle Rental, said:

“Our capacity to enable customers to self-serve through software is what differentiates us from our competitors, whether it’s hiring a fleet of electric utility vehicles or analysing driver mileage via a smartphone. Businesses are becoming increasingly demanding and service providers need to keep pace with tech developments or risk being left behind.

“We’re proud to have some of the brightest developers working at Nexus and we’re constantly improving our software by building in new innovative features. In this way, and despite the increased demand over the last 12 months, our IT has consistently delivered the best quality of experience for our customers.”

David Brennan, CEO at Nexus Vehicle Rental, said:

“Technology is at the core of our business and it has enabled us to evolve from a rental provider to a mobility consultancy. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is already disrupting the way businesses interact and we see this as the largest category for further growth over the next few years.”

“We are a business mobility provider, but our technology offers value-added services that help to drive down customer expenditure at the click of a mouse or swipe of a thumb. We’re pleased with how our systems are performing and have exciting plans to develop these further.”

Nexus Vehicle Rental offers daily, short, medium and long-term rental with access to over 550,000 vehicles, including 100,000 specialist and commercial vehicles and 50,000 HGVs across 2,000 UK locations. Due to this, the company can source any vehicle, anytime, anywhere.