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IPsoft named a Leader in market evaluation of Standalone Chatbots for IT Operations

IPsoft, the global leader in enterprise AI, today was recognized in the evaluation ‘The Forrester New Wave™: ’Standalone Chatbots for IT Operations, Q2 2019’ as a Leader among the eight companies selected. In its evaluation published today, Forrester New Wave further found that IPsoft leads the pack with robust IT operations chatbot features and is the best fit for enterprises looking to make a commitment to cognitive technology.

The evaluation is based on 10 criteria, and “found that out-of-the-box (OOB) workflows, language, intent models, and integrations dedicated to IT operations use cases are key differentiators for Leaders in the space”. According to the report, “with a library of granular prefabricated IT operations workflows and language models, detailed reporting, an automation platform, and extensive language training, IPsoft’s Amelia leads the market in IT operations readiness”.

“With its workflow automation and active language development features, IPsoft provides an ideal solution for those looking for advanced functionalities, such as creating workflows for more-sophisticated help desk interactions”, Forrester Research said in the report.

“In less than six months we have been named a Leader by two leading research firms, Everest Group and Forrester, initially by Everest Group in ‘Conversing with AI – Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA) Market Report 2019‘ and now in the 2019 Forrester New Wave evaluation. This proves to us that IPsoft is leading the pack on delivering transformative business benefits and value to our customers. As more enterprises look to AI and automation to improve their organizations and customer experiences, we are honored to be named a Leader”, said Chetan Dube, Founder and CEO of IPsoft.

The 2019 Forrester New Wave ‘Standalone Chatbots for IT Operations’ used the following 10 criteria to assess each of the eight top emerging vendors: chatbot learning, chatbot automation, architecture and integrations, chatbot readiness, development and tooling, development and security, bot management, vendor positioning, road map and market approach.

Find out more about the full Forrester New Wave evaluation ‘Standalone Chatbots for IT Operations’ here:

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