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Moodrise, the world’s first Digital Nutrition app, today announces the launch of a unique audio program for Google Home and Amazon Alexa – Moodrise Audio – developed to help those suffering silently from a range of mental health disorders, such as anxiety and stress.

By pairing peer-reviewed science with content, Moodrise Audio delivers ‘nutritional’ 90-second audio clips, nicknamed ‘pillcasts’ to help alleviate pain, boost emotional resilience and improve people’s experience of everyday life.

The app’s hyper-curated audio content features readings and scores from exciting talent across industries, including actresses Kristen Scott Thomas and Daisy Lewis and musicians Devendra Banhart and JD Samson. Popular audio stimulation techniques such as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) and Binaural Beats are also applied to the app.

Content within the pillcasts are focused on six of the most popular mood states and related neurotransmitters. These include Happiness (Serotonin), Confidence (Dopamine), Energy (Endorphins), Focus (Acetylcholine), Calm (GABA) and Connection (Oxytocin). Users of the app select which mood or mental state they wish to improve and are then served a series of different pillcasts. Each pillcast is supported by published scientific research and the content included has been specially created or curated to deliver the desired chemical reaction in the brain.

“Podcasting is a popular fixture of modern media, but programs are typically 60- to 90-minutes long. A pillcast is just 90 seconds of hyper-focused and easily digestible material, either created or curated to deliver better digital nutrition,” explains Michael Phillips Moskowitz, Founder and Creator of Moodrise. “The goal is to leverage intriguing, seductive, and utterly enjoyable pieces of audio, to help elevate mood and progressively improve emotional resilience. That’s our goal. Healthier digital material for better behavioural health.”

Musician Devendra Banhart comments: “Michael first introduced me to the term ‘digital hygiene’ and I’ve been feeling dirty ever since. Thankfully he created Moodrise Audio – a place where I can scrub off the day’s swipes and scrolls. A place to reset and let my guard down. A place of bare-bone tenderness, humour, and wisdom. I’m so honoured to be a contributor and curatorial consultant on this amazing app!”

JD Samson comments: “As an artist that has been focused on listening for the past 20 years, I have always imagined an intentional space for us to take pause with audio. Curating for Moodrise Audio meant going back to sounds that have enveloped me, changed my thinking, and collaborated with my ever-present healing methodology.”

In January this year, Michael launched Moodrise, the Digital Nutrition™ app for the mobile device that offers stimulating visual content to help users proactively manage their mental health.

Moodrise’s mobile and audio app versions are built on the premise that content can actually help heal, and healthy digital content must be a pillar of proactive wellness. There are no authoritative instructions to follow, no tough or tedious regimen to adopt, no costly time commitments. The apps are not designed to replace health professionals or medication but serve as a healthy supplement to enhance emotional resilience and mental wellbeing over time.

Moodrise Audio is available to download for Google Home and Amazon Alexa here.