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ServiceNow and AWS Launch Cloud Call Centre Solution

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most broadly adopted cloud platform, and digital workflow pioneer, ServiceNow, have announced their collaboration to launch an innovative, AI-driven “Contact-Centre-as-a-Service” approach to IT support, delivering increased efficiencies and cost savings, while providing employees with best-in-class IT support.

Amazon Connect Integration with Cloud Call Centre offers native integration of AWS’s natural language AI technology, Lex, Transcribe and Comprehend, with ServiceNow’s IT workflow and service desk capabilities. The solution helps automate support tasks and reduce costs, while improving both the caller and agent experiences.

Users are empowered to help themselves and solve common support issues, such as password resets, account unlocks, and incident status checks, without ever having to speak to an agent.

For calls requiring human intervention, the solution leverages AWS’ AI-driven real-time text to speech transcription, sentiment analysis, and keyword spotting to power retrieval of responsive knowledge articles where needed. This proactively provides agents with context-relevant critical detail and context to accelerate resolution times and thereby improve customer satisfaction.

ServiceNow recently deployed Amazon Connect to power its own global IT help desk and customer call centre, to create unique employee and customer interactions, and decrease operational expenses.

This capitalises on the advanced capabilities of AWS and ServiceNow’s IT Service Management (ITSM) Professional to give organisations the ability to deploy a cloud contact centre in minutes, while meeting escalating call centre demands.

Amazon Connect Integration with Cloud Call Centre is available from the ServiceNow Store as a free integration for ITSM Professional and ITSM Enterprise customers. The solution is certified for ServiceNow’s New York and Orlando releases (as of April 2020).

More information can be found on the ServiceNow blog.