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Code Ninjas double UK network during lockdown

Following the recent announcement of Code Ninjas’ low-cost, flexible business model, Code Ninjas Studio, the franchise development team has been inundated with enquiries from prospects. Since introducing the new franchise model to the UK, the number of planned kid’s coding locations has almost doubled, with 16 in the pipeline in March increasing to over 30 in May.

The UK is now half way through the fourth month of lockdown and, despite some sectors returning to work, many are facing one of the most challenging economic downturns in our lifetime. Even with these uncertain times, Code Ninjas, a brand that prides itself on innovation and putting their franchisees first, has launched a business model that continues to draw interest from savvy entrepreneurs.

One of the latest teams of investors to join the franchise network are Biraj Nakarja, Sital Nakarja, Raman Bath and Karnvir Bath. Long-term friends, business partners – and husband and wife duos – were compelled to enquire about the Code Ninjas franchise opportunity after researching coding classes for their own children.

“My career has been in the technology field and I’d initially became aware of the Code Ninjas brand around three years ago,” explained Biraj. “As a team, we’d been looking for an additional enterprise that we could operate together, so when Raman explained that Code Ninjas had arrived in the UK, we were very keen to invest. After researching the market demand in our ideal territory of Slough and the surrounding areas, it became apparent that there were no real competitors. The demand was high and, with our combined expertise in business operations, technology, HR, finance and franchising, we’re well placed to bring Code Ninjas to our area.”

The community-focused foursome will be launching their business in the heart of Langley, just a stone’s throw from Slough. Once the first location is established, they will expand and launch a second in nearby Windsor. Between the two couples, they have five children aged five-16 who all stand to benefit from the business.

“The older children will start working with us, as Senseis, whilst the younger ones will join us as our very first students. We’re all very excited for this endeavour because we see so much value in the Code Ninjas programme. In today’s modern world, coding and programming literacy is just as crucial for a child’s development as any other language. The Code Ninjas Studio model is a great fit for us, as we have the autonomy to source a specific location that will best service children in our area and, as parents ourselves, we know where to position the studio so we’re as accessible as possible. We can’t wait to launch in the late summer and start welcoming students,” said Raman.

With many more enquiring about this new franchise model, Code Ninjas expect more than 50 Code Ninjas Studio locations will be operational before the end of the year. David Graham, co-founder and CEO, is proud to lead the innovative brand through these unprecedented times.

“It’s undeniable that franchise brands have faced multiple challenges in recent months, but Code Ninjas has continued to thrive. Our plans for growth throughout the remainder of the year will establish us as the kid’s coding education provider of choice in the UK, as franchisee’s open multiple locations. In fact, every single franchisee that has joined the network during the lockdown period will open two or more locations. This is a pivotal time for our brand and for the franchising industry as a whole.”

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