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Access Group’s Safety Media Launches Covid-19 Corporate Health & Safety Solution: Helping Organisations Return to Work

Safety Media, an Access Group company, today announced the launch of its Organisational Resilience Solution, to help organisations maintain business continuity and return employees to work safely during and following the Covid-19 pandemic. The cloud-based toolkit also assists firms to meet their legal compliance obligations, including in the UK where organisations of over 50 employees must create and publicly display Covid risk assessment documents.

Likely to be of particular interest to business leaders and their health & safety managers, risk and compliance officers, HR and legal teams, the Organisational Resilience Solution provides all that’s needed to quickly and confidently deploy workforce training on new working practices, as well as tools for reporting health and safety compliance, risk-assessment and Covid symptoms.

“As organisations return to work, so safety, risk and compliance have come under a super-intense spotlight,” said Chris Chappell, general manager at Safety Media. “Coupled with the increased burden of training, remote working and heightened risk profiles, Covid-19 has placed huge pressure on those responsible for both workforce safety and organisational continuity, hence many have already welcomed trials of the Organisational Resilience Solution to help them meet the challenge.”

Key benefits of implementing the toolkit include:-

  • Confidence in meeting workforce safety-training obligations, via proven eLearning
  • Fast compliance via ready-to-deploy risk assessment, incident-reporting and audit processes
  • Real-time risk-status reporting and immediate alerts to Covid symptom notifications
  • Proof for stakeholders, customers, supply chain partners, regulators and auditors that you’re managing Covid risks

In terms of training, the solution provides three brand new Covid response eLearning courses, developed with the expertise of Safety Media’s highly respected health and safety eLearning course developers.

“During a crisis, we need to survive, but afterwards we want to thrive, so you must establish effective organisational resilience to come out the other side stronger,” said Chappell.  “The Organisational Resilience Solution is a great package to support a business recommence work with confidence regarding their legal responsibilities and keeping their staff and customers safe.”

An early customer for the toolkit is Roc Technologies, an IT solutions and services provider employing some 300 people across the UK. They have chosen to roll out the Organisational Resilience Solution while colleagues are still working safely from home.

“Employee health, safety and welfare are vital and with Covid-19 we have a duty to ensure that colleagues and managers are well informed and briefed before returning to site,” said Marie Pike, HR manager at Roc Technologies.  “Every element of the Organisational Resilience Solution is relevant to us because prevention is better than cure and it’s about educating ourselves and others.”

The Organisational Resilience Solution offers an intuitive interface and can be deployed in under 48 hours. More information here: