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Digital Kungfu delivers marketing results in weeks, not months

Speed is the new currency in marketing. To deliver on fast, affordable and effective campaigns for UK-based technology clients, Digital Kungfu continues to pioneer Agile in the marketing space.

Resellers of software products and independent software vendors are facing a big challenge in today’s highly competitive markets: They need to shorten the time it takes for their target customers to understand the value of their products and services and they need to effectively demonstrate why customers should buy from them and not one of their competitors.

Critically however, they need to take this message to market quickly, effectively and affordably. “The pace of the technology sector is not slowing down,” says Matt Brown, founder and CEO of Digital Kungfu. “In fact, it’s speeding up, which mean if you want to remain competitive, you need to get to market in days, not months.”


See Results in Weeks, Not Months

Digital Kungfu has found its niche in the technology sector, and it’s because the nimble production house understands both the marketing needs of tech companies as well as the importance of speed throughout the process.

“Big-bang agency campaigns tend to be slow and expensive to take to market,” says Brown. “That doesn’t work for technology companies. To remain competitive, technology businesses and independent software vendors need to adopt an agile marketing approach that consistently re-enforces their desired positioning. One product video or brand advert won’t cut through the noise sufficiently enough to capture new market share or generate the leads and new business these companies are aiming for.”

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Digital Kungfu’s solution is an agile marketing process that radically cuts down the time it takes from campaign conception to market. “Our clients see results in weeks, not months,” says Brown. “We make the same promise to any new client: If you choose to work with us, you’ll be in market within seven days of our first engagement.”

Speed isn’t only about how quickly you can get to market though, but how easy you are to work with. “We understand the pace that technology companies are working at,” says Brown. “We’re here to lighten that load and add value, not add to overall stress and workload.”


An Agile Marketing Approach

“We use an Agile Marketing operating system at Digital Kungfu,” explains Brown. “We developed and perfected the process while we were shooting a Netflix-style series in New York with ForwardLane, one of our US-based clients.

“While on set, it became clear how important speed to market is for technology-driven businesses with innovative products, especially in developed economies like the United States and the UK. Inspired by Agile Software Development, Agile Marketing is an approach that values responding to change and customer feedback quickly and efficiently.

“The big idea is that instead of rigidly following a marketing plan, we get into the market quickly and then implement rapid iterations based on testing different material, collecting data and responding to it.”

According to Brown, this approach enables Digital Kungfu to test precise narratives and messaging themes in the market to understand what works best in terms of specific products and services. “Once we have proof of what’s working, we amplify the story through branded content, maximising ROI and performance for our clients.”


Speed is Everything

Brown and the Digital Kungfu team believe that speed is the new currency of marketing for technology businesses. “When you have an innovative product to take to market, you can’t wait months to develop and action a marketing plan. In the technology space, the pace of development and innovation is only speeding up – it’s certainly not slowing down. The longer you delay taking your messaging and story to market, the bigger the gap you’re handing to your competitors.”

To respond to this market need, Digital Kungfu conforms to none of the traditional agency processes that slow take-to-market strategies down. Instead, the team’s focus is on speed – so much so that they’ve even coined a term for their offering: The Lightning Strike Campaign.

“We speak tech,” says Brown. “We know how to distil complex messaging and products and tell stories that place the customer front and center as the hero. But none of that would matter if we couldn’t take our campaigns to market as quickly as we do. In this regard, speed is everything.”

Download Digital Kungfu’s eBook: 6 proven strategies that deliver sale qualified pipeline during a recession to discover how to implement these 6 strategies in your business and increase sales your sales today.

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