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Shaw Academy announces triple-accreditation for online courses

Leading online education platform, ShawAcademy has announced new triple-accreditation status with CPD, IAO and ICSOC, meaning all courses are formally certified and student diplomas bear the accredited logos and badges.

Following a continued surge in online learning and a major release of new subject courses, the online education platform has partnered with a number of professional bodies to ensure content can be externally validated and recognised by global professional bodies.

Since the start of 2020, 10 million new students have signed up to study with Shaw Academy, with over 50% of students signing up with the goal of advancing their career.  Courses include Big Data and Big Data Analytics, Web Design,

Online education has never been more important, with remote learning and working from home forming part of the ‘new norm’ for many. At any age, whether still studying in school or looking for a career change or starting a new business, easily accessible online courses are a great way to upskill.

Upon successfully completing a Shaw Academy diploma, students will be certified and recognised by the following organisations:

CPD: with demand rising for professionals to upskill across different sectors, career levels and job roles, Shaw Academy has engaged with continued Professional Development (CPD) to ensure that both academic and practical qualifications do not become outdated, staying continuously relevant and applicable across industries. Its courses are now formally certified by CPD.

IAO: The International Accreditation Organisation (IAO) offers international accreditation services based on the assurance that organisations are operating according to the international principles and standard of quality. The IAO has granted accreditation and authorisation of their logo to Shaw Academy after evaluation the educational system through its unique patented ‘Points Profile System’.

ICSOC: The International Council of Specialised Online Certifications (ICSOC) is an established name in the education industry and specialises in micro-credentialing and enrichment learning. Shaw Academy courses receive the ICSOC badge of recognition as having created online short courses and learning materials that cover the learning needs of professionals.