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The groundbreaking StormWall DDoS Sensor Appliance will be available on September 1, 2021

The developer of information security solutions StormWall releases the StormWall Sensor Appliance, which provides effective protection of business from DDoS attacks of any level. The solution will be available to all StormWall customers who use the Network Protection service from September 1, 2021. StormWall Sensor Appliance is an innovative product of the company that increases the transparency of the Edge infrastructure and allows you to detect DDoS attacks regardless of whether DDoS protection is active. The solution will be useful, first of all, for ISPs, hosting, and cloud providers. The product allows you to simultaneously ensure the maximum quality of service for users and optimize the costs of DDoS protection.

Before releasing the sensor to the market, StormWall conducted a successful beta testing of the product with a number of its major customers. The sensor will be available on a monthly subscription, its cost will depend on the total bandwidth of the analyzed traffic. The subscription will include updates and support, and the cost of using the sensor will be several times less than the cost of protection against DDoS threats itself. The solution is installed from an ISO image on the client’s infrastructure, even a small virtual machine would be enough.

The new sensor is part of a large new development of the company – a hardware solution for filtering DDoS attacks, which is limited by the functionality of a DDoS sensor for automatic activation of cloud protection. StormWall Sensor Appliance has several advantages that will be useful to many companies: the sensor allows you to analyze traffic both in real-time and over a historical segment, automatically detects DDoS attacks, provides detailed statistics for each attack, and a sample of attacking traffic. The sensor has the possibility of both manual and automated intelligent adjustment of attack detection thresholds based on historical data individually for different groups of hosts in the network.

The StormWall Sensor Appliance can make decisions based on traffic flows over NetFlow and sFlow protocols, as well as on a copy of the SPAN traffic (including Sampled SPAN). The sensor is easily integrated with the network infrastructure via the BGP protocol, and integration options via BGP Community and BGP FlowSpec are also supported. In addition, the sensor has an API for integration with existing automation systems.

“As part of the business development strategy, StormWall continues to expand its line of innovative products and services. We are proud to launch a new useful product on the market. The appearance of such a tool will allow companies that manage their network to make their protection against DDoS attacks as effective as possible, while the solution will be offered at an affordable price,” said Ramil Khantimirov, CEO and co-founder of StormWall.