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Panzura Marks Completion of Successful “Refounding” Transformation With New Brand Image

Panzura has successfully completed a 15-month transformation process following acquisition of the company by a private equity firm in May of last year. “We are officially refounded,” said Panzura CEO Jill Stelfox in a press statement issued by the company.

Panzura makes hybrid-cloud data management solutions for the enterprise market. The firm is based in California and has operations in the U.K. and Europe.

Refounding refers to the reestablishment of a business within an existing corporation. Refounders are corporate leaders who, despite not having started a company, think with the mindset of a founder.

The statement was made in conjunction with the launch of a new online Service Hub that expands access to customer support and other essential Panzura services. The company also rolled out a new corporate brand image, redesigned logo, and website.

“To complete the transformation we have a new look that better reflects our ascendance as a market driver in hybrid-cloud data management, and our culture of boldly breaking through barriers,” said Stelfox.

Panzura says the customer service hub and branding changes are part of a broad set of fundamental changes. Over the past year, the new executives at Panzura have assembled what they describe as the world’s brightest storage and data scientists on a mission to overcome the toughest data challenges faced by large organisations.

The company’s website says enterprises choose Panzura because the firm has a long history of providing all the critical insights and analytics that they need to drive their business. “Today, we’re building something that is going to revolutionise how they understand their users and their data.”

According to the statement, Panzura has revamped customer programs and processes, racking up seven industry awards in the process including “Cloud Infrastructure Solution of the Year” by the Tech Ascension Awards, and “Best Hybrid Cloud Solution” in the Cloud Computing Awards.

A new high-energy, high-performance mindset has resulted in a remarkable uptick in customer satisfaction and business growth, according to the statement. Panzura points to a Net Promoter Score of 87, which is considered an usually high benchmark. Net Promoter figures are tabulated by Satmetrix, a firm that uses software to measure customer loyalty and predict business growth.

Panzura spokespeople also point to higher employee engagement and satisfaction as a result of successful corporate refounding activities. A Quantum Workplace survey gave Panzura a high score of 87.3, which is in the top 89 percent of organisations of a similar size and industry.

“Great products are built by great people. We’re intentional about crafting a great company by attracting amazing people.”

A long-term positive growth outlook and expanding market opportunities are attributed by the company to trends in digital transformation. They say organisations adopt Panzura solutions so they can accrue the benefits of the cloud.

The company’s global file system streamlines data management. According to Panzura, the hybrid-cloud technology offers the performance of a traditional datacentre combined with the economics and unlimited scalability of public or private cloud storage.

“Panzura also offers the highest level of data protection and disaster recovery of any solution in its category.” Data held in the file system cannot be altered or encrypted by ransomware, and files can be instantly restored with no data loss and minimal disruption.