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Ecommerce was a positive to come out of pandemic proving its place as a new pillar of the economy

By Richard Bendelow, CEO, Aero Commerce

If there has been one positive from the pandemic, it has been truly establishing ecommerce as a pillar of the economy.  From kitchen table businesses to high street stores, the realisation that the only way to sell their products was online proved what everyone in our industry already knew about the power of ecommerce.

And how did we share that gratification?  While we were trapped in our homes, it was of course, online, through LinkedIn, Twitter and WhatsApp, but that’s all about to change now we have IRX on the horizon.

Our industry will be able to come together for the first time in more than 18 months to not only demonstrate the deep and broad levels of innovation, creativity and expertise that exists in UK ecommerce, but also have a collective voice across the two-day event to highlight the integral role we have to play in the present and future of retail transacting.

This year’s IRX will be packed full of enthusiastic exhibitors and delegates who are ready to unleash the pent-up demand for face-to face interaction and the desire to get themselves in front of potential customers and partners, which will make it an even more exciting event.

It also holds special significance for Aero Commerce as it will mark the first time we’re exhibiting anywhere since we launched the business.

Like many of the other exhibitors we were all set to appear at IRX last year until that plan was scuppered by the pandemic.

Taking part in IRX was going to form a key strategic milestone in the early months of our business and give us the chance to tell our industry that, despite the business being in its formative stages, it is led by a team of people with extensive ecommerce, retail and software development experience, including myself and fellow director Matt Burton who have both been in the industry for more than 20 years.

Based on that experience and the ability to bring some disruption to the market, we have seen our Aero platform gain serious traction over the past year and a half and starting to rack up the transaction volume

We’ve got some great partnerships, including with innovators like what3words, and some brilliant retailers, together with a network of more than 100 partnered ecommerce development agencies – which is growing every day and expect to have more after IRX – which are building stores on Aero.

With our support they are crafting some truly unique ecommerce experiences as we are able to build out our platform features quickly due to our applied knowledge and the effort we put into making sure Aero is infinitely extendable and easy to develop for.

This sets us apart from the majority of other platforms that can’t do this and is helping us chip away at a market dominated currently by multi-billion-dollar players.

Anyone that comes to visit us on Stand H24 at IRX will see why we are so confident about how Aero can improve a business’ ecommerce functions, and we’re keen to meet people who might want to challenge our confidence as well as jump on board and join us for the ride!

It will be great to be at IRX and show how we are contributing to the growth of our industry.

We’re all part of a very exciting journey in the ecommerce market and I for one can’t wait for IRX to celebrate our achievements, but more importantly build the relationships and partnerships that will take our businesses and the industry further forward.