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StaffCircle and IES Culture announce exclusive partnership

Cloud-based HR platform, StaffCircle, have announced they have partnered with management consulting company, Innovate Enterprise Solutions Ltd (IES) to improve employee retention rates and create company cultures for UK organisations.

At a time where almost a quarter of workers are actively planning to change employers in the next few months, the partnership with IES will support companies with combating workplace issues related to the recent phenomenon of what some economists have termed as ‘The Great Resignation’.

The IES solution, which is bespoke to each organisation’s needs, can successfully aid customers with their strategy, mission and goals, while the StaffCircle platform can truly bring these to life. This includes identifying core competencies, values, objectives and behaviours required to drive employee engagement and retention.

StaffCircle’s technology provides a combination of performance management, employee engagement & culture and HR software tools to create a collaborative and motivated workforce. The partnership, therefore, offers the perfect solution and support needed to curate high performing cultures.

By embracing IES’s solution, StaffCircle can offer existing and potential clients the expertise to identify and refine components of their culture which are crucial to creating excellent employee experiences. This is conducted by a free one-hour exploratory workshop given to StaffCircle customers who recognise the need for strategic work around their culture.

“With many employees experiencing burnout and looking to leave their jobs in droves as a result, the combination of having a solid software and strategy foundation is now crucial to employee engagement,” says, Mark Seemann, founder and CEO of StaffCircle. “If companies want to retain their employees, they must first find a way to create a people-first company culture. Our partnership with IES enables us to offer our customers an unparalleled culture-first solution, and ensure they enjoy the full benefits of our technology.”

Danielle Heath, Director of IES Culture adds: “Culture impacts everything about your organisation, from retention, morale to productivity. With ‘The Great Resignation’ highlighting how fragile employee engagement can be, now is the time to invest, in order to create the kind of place people want to be a part of. StaffCircle’s performance management and employee engagement software is the final ingredient our customers need when executing a successful workplace culture.”