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Axway leads the way in helping organisations to “Open Everything” with an API-first foundation

Axway is calling on organisations everywhere to securely “Open Everything” by unlocking the full value of their existing IT infrastructure and transforming their business using an open API management platform that expands API consumption.

“We’ve seen time and again how APIs can power secure, reliable, flexible, and customer-centric business,” said Patrick Donovan, Axway CEO. “But our vision at Axway to ‘Open Everything’ goes beyond the supporting technologies: it means having the courage to modernise and open up your business to create brilliant customer experiences, instead of fearing competition.”

Open Everything keeps the customer at the centre of the equation. Initiatives like PSD2 Open Banking regulations in Europe or Australia’s Consumer Data Rights directed companies to prepare for consumer data portability and accessibility. Open Everything extends those principles to every vertical: it is a call for enterprises to make the first move and provide timely access to backend systems in a secure, controlled, and scalable way while maintaining visibility into both the systems and incoming transactions.

Recent consumer surveys conducted by Axway show there’s a clear appetite for Open Everything: more than 60% of people globally believe it’s worth allowing companies to access their personal data if it means a better user experience. Securely opening everything while building on heritage infrastructure can help craft the omni-experience that people have come to expect.

In the new API-fueled universe of mobile apps, the connected cloud, and distributed workforces, having well-designed APIs and a healthy partner ecosystem are only the beginning. To gain significant success, a seismic culture shift toward creating brilliant customer experiences is needed at every level throughout an organisation, which requires an API strategy based on unique company processes, markets, and plans for business growth.

“One-off projects adapting backend systems to each new partner or transaction type are tragically unsustainable,” Axway Catalyst Brian Pagano explains. “Having your business-level functionality consumable as an API allows rapid participation as ecosystems and opportunities present themselves.”

Recent studies validate the importance of API-first technology as foundational to Open Everything. The MIT Center for Information Systems Research, of which Axway became a patron this year, found that while it may be an investment to adopt an API-first approach, it’s also the strongest way to monetise APIs.

“Enterprises that open everything via an API layer had the best growth and margins relative to their competitors, as well as the best revenues from cross-selling, innovation, digital delivery, and monetising data,” said Peter Weill, Chairman of the MIT CISR.

A six-time Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Full Life Cycle API Management, Axway is a proven guide in the journey to an Open Everything world. Axway was also recognised as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions Q3 2020, receiving the highest possible score across eight criteria.

“Put simply, freeing up data so it can be exchanged, reused, and remixed at will, helps grow business opportunities exponentially,” concluded Donovan. “For over 20 years, Axway has served as the backbone and guide for some of the most critical solutions of our time, and our Amplify API Management platform is uniquely designed to take you from here to there — without disrupting your business.”