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Wavemaker UK hosts inaugural scale up media summit

Wavemaker Select, the media agency’s specialist division for scaleup brands, is hosting a free half-day media summit for scale up brands on Wednesday 21st September from 3pm at Wavemaker UK HQ in Sea Containers House. This inaugural event is open to all and is designed to help scaling businesses unlock post-performance growth.

The summit comes at a critical juncture for the scaleup community. The UK is an increasingly mature startup ecosystem, with its 48 unicorns and 40,000 start ups getting the most funding, close to the most deals, and realising the most exits than any other country across the continent. Yet despite this, according to Deloitte, the chances of a start up becoming a scale up is around 0.5%, which means that only 1 out of 200 surviving start ups make it to the coveted title of a scale up – otherwise known as a company that has achieved growth of 20% or more in either employment or turnover, year on year, for at least two years.

Moving from start up to scale up is a pivotal stage in the development of business maturity, and it’s also the stage where the greatest number of challenges surface. Particularly in media and marketing, where the strategies that once supported growth – from existence, to survival, and then success – aren’t capable of carrying a company into the next stage of expansion to scale up.

In fact, recent research found that a key challenge for over half of business owners is creating the right strategy for scale. More than half (53%) of business owners revealed they don’t have a clear strategy in place that works towards scalability and growth, and a further 31% advised they struggle to keep on track with any growth plan.

In recognition of this need, Wavemaker Select have curated an agenda full of leading experts in branding and media to share knowledge and expertise with the scale up community. As well as Select, the ScaleUp Institute, a not-for-profit supporting UK scale up businesses, the UK’s leading media for equity fund 4Ventures and Superunion, a global brand and design consultancy, will offer key advice on the right channel mix to sustain growth, build a brand, and how to diversify and justify media investment to key stakeholders.

Wavemaker Select, offering the agility of a specialist backed by the buying power of the world’s biggest advertising network, has supported many fast-growth clients, including Mettle, WeAre8 and e.l.f cosmetics with on-demand expertise and planning that responds to business needs. ‘Unlocking post performance growth: A media summit for scale ups’ is set to provide open access to the teams that can support many more fast-growth companies on their journey to maturity.

Louise Temperley, General Manager, Wavemaker Select, said: “Scale ups will be a key driver of future economic growth across the UK. According to the Scale Up Institute, despite accounting for less than 1% of UK companies, such firms add £1 trillion to the UK economy and account for the majority of net employment growth and output growth.”

“We know these businesses are hungry for growth as well, but the market is difficult right now – potential scale ups are thinking about a potential recession. Bringing together experts and future scale ups in the UK will unlock potential, accelerate growth, and turn the spotlight on vital issues and opportunities. With the right support, I am confident that the UK can become the best country in the world to scale. Wavemaker is ensuring our resources are available to help make that happen.”

For more information about the scale up media summit and to register to attend, please visit: Eventbrite – Wavemaker Select’s Scale Up Summit.