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New research reveals a fifth of retail and e-commerce websites are pivoting to the metaverse

While many brands are still discussing what the Metaverse even is, new research by enterprise CMS company Storyblok has revealed that retailer and e-commerce professionals taking action. The study suggests that more than 20 percent are already extending their CMS to display content into Metaverse environments to showcase their branded images and products.
Storyblok surveyed 208 retail and e-commerce professionals who directly manage enterprise CMS systems. As well as making way for the Metaverse, the survey found that enterprise are reporting that their CMS currently delivers content into alternative digital channels including:
These survey findings speak to the curiosity among consumers to try out interesting new digital environments, and the need for retailers and e-commerce sites to keep pace. A headless CMS architecture is by far the easiest way to deploy content to new channels as quickly as they arise, via simple APIs,” said Thomas Peham, Storyblok’s Vice President of Marketing.
Amongst the other key results, the survey also revealed a huge leaning towards multiple CMS systems to facilitate omnichannel customer touchpoints. 76 percent of enterprises have already deployed more than one CMS and just over 10 percent have deployed five or more CMSs.
Talking of which, Dominik Angerer, CEO & Co-founder of Storyblok said: “Because of the increasing variety of channels that customers now use to interact with brands, retailers are having trouble delivering the experience that customers expect. Managing multiple CMSs adds another layer of management burden. Moving to a headless CMS architecture can help streamline channel management by replacing custom integrations with standard APIs,”
Amid growing cybersecurity concerns, the Storyblok survey also found that 1 in 5 enterprises (20.6%) are seeing an increased number of attacks coming in via their CMS.
This activity comes as Storyblok today announced it received ISO 27001 certification from TÜV Rheinland, an independent third party. This certification verifies that all Storyblok’s products, operations, support processes, and data storage protocols meet the highest international security standards