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Resilinc Announces Top 30 Suppliers in the High-Tech Industry with Highest Resiliency Score®

Company rankings determined by Resilinc’s R Score® metrics and data tracked since 2018

Resilinc, the world’s leading supply chain mapping, risk monitoring, and resiliency solution, is pleased to announce the Top 30 companies in the high-tech supply chain with the best risk and resiliency programs. Companies with a prominent UK and EU presence include IBM, Seagate, Ericsson, GSK and Sellafield Ltd, all of whom scored highly. These 30 companies were selected based on their Resilinc R Score®, a patented risk-scoring system that measures supply chain resiliency based on key metrics including performance, network resilience, transparency, continuity of supply, and risk program maturity.

Each of the 30 companies on the list is a supplier to multiple high-tech OEMs and have been part of Resilinc’s network for many years. All scored well based on their high degree of transparency and ongoing collaboration with the OEM to provide supply chain intelligence down multiple tiers. This includes responding quickly with a yes/no impact status during a disruption and providing alternate sites when possible to reduce recovery time. They are all rated strong performers by their customers across operational metrics including business continuity planning and reliability.

“It has been a tremendously challenging time for the high-tech sector; from semiconductor constraints and geopolitical concerns to extreme demand shifts, these companies have been operating in an increasingly disruptive environment. But despite all the challenges, the Top 30 have done a tremendous job navigating through it and collaborating with customers and with their direct and sub-tier suppliers alike, to identify problems quickly and mitigate issues proactively,” said Bindiya Vakil, CEO and co-founder of Resilinc. “These companies are proving that collaboration, transparency, risk monitoring, supply chain mapping, and proactive mitigation are the keys to supply chain resilience. A big congratulations to the 30 winners.”

Here is what some of our Top R Score® companies had to say about being recognized and why supply chain resiliency is a critical component to their business:


Bob Murphy, Chief Procurement Officer at IBM said: “Mitigating supplier risk exposure is imperative to ensure brand trust and continuity of supply. At IBM, we have built a holistic and agile risk mitigation strategy enabled by innovative technologies that increase our visibility and help to reduce response times. Supplier and sub-tier supplier relationships are key and we require all suppliers to have adequate business continuity plans in place. And, through our supplier mapping, we know our suppliers’ level of resiliency and this information guides decisions that can mitigate disruptions and help us locate alternate sources of supply if needed. Our transformation and digitalization efforts have given us a marked competitive advantage during the current periods of global supply chain disruption.”

“Seagate is honored to be recognized by the Resilinc R Score for our supply chain resiliency,” said Marcos Meirelles, SVP of supply chain management at Seagate. “It’s a true testament to the hard, dedicated work of our team, which continues to navigate the company through tumultuous times delivering stability for our customers.”


The Top 30 companies with the highest Resilinc R Score® can be found here:


About Bindiya Vakil

Bindiya Vakil is the CEO and founder of Resilinic and is an award-winning expert in supply chain risk management. Crowned SDCE’s inaugural Woman of the Year in 2020, Bindiya’s career spans 20 years. She holds a master’s degree in supply chain management from MIT and an MBA in Finance. Bindiya continues to lead the market in risk intelligence and mitigation and is credited with bringing supply chain risk management into the mainstream. For more information visit


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Resilinc was founded with the purpose to strengthen global supply chains, making them resilient, sustainable, transparent, and secure. We do this via our technology-driven solutions which create an ecosystem where organizations can collaborate with their suppliers and customers with a spirit of transparency and trust to acquire unmatched visibility into their multi-tier supply networks, and partner across tiers seamlessly to recover supply chains during disruptions.

Since our launch in 2010 Resilinc has defined the supply chain mapping, monitoring, and resiliency space and is widely considered the gold standard for supply chain resiliency, worldwide. With over 1 million supplier sites mapped encompassing over 4 million parts and raw materials, we are the first line of defense for our customers, helping them navigate supply disruptions. Our early- warning alert system monitors and predicts potential disruptions across suppliers, sites, and materials; our platform enables them to collaborate closely with their suppliers; our historical data-backed insights give them options on appropriate actions to take. Always innovating, our AI-powered predictive solutions can predict delivery delays, price movements, and supply constraints for raw materials and commodities before they happen. Resilinc helps our customers protect revenue and turn supply chain risks into opportunities to gain competitive advantage. Learn more at