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Connecting deskless workers: LumApps introduces QR code login for its mobile app

LumApps, a leading employee experience platform, has announced a new QR code login feature designed to accelerate adoption among frontline and deskless workers. Managers and team leaders can now create a personalised, time-limited QR Code that gives colleagues instant, authenticated access to their LumApps account via a mobile phone – without having to enter an email or password.

Research by Emergence estimates that 80% of the global workforce performs deskless work daily. Many of these workers don’t have company-issued computers in order to receive updates on company news, the ability to interact with colleagues, or access key information, resources, or apps. This often leads to a feeling of exclusion or isolation. A recent survey by Deloitte found more than a third (36%) of frontline employees lacked a sense of belonging.

“With our new QR Code login feature, we’re simplifying the mobile app onboarding process and making it easy for deskless employees to stay connected to their company and peers – regardless of where and when they work,” says Sammy Gad, product manager of mobile experience at LumApps.

The secure QR Code feature addresses the challenge of engaging a disparate workforce by facilitating the adoption of LumApps’ mobile app, allowing employees to communicate, collaborate and connect with company information and peers across the enterprise. The invitees then scan the private code on their mobile phone, which automatically downloads the app, confirms their identity, and syncs to each individual’s unique profile.

“The QR Code feature is the latest example of LumApps delivering innovative, practical solutions to help our customers build community and cohesion at work. With more workers using the LumApps mobile app, companies can increase engagement, enhance productivity and improve the overall employee experience,” said Gad.

The new QR code feature is available now for all LumApps customers. For more information, watch their video or visit