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inriver becomes first to provide API-based syndication in the PIM market

This week, inriver announced next-generation API connectivity for syndication to marketplaces, channels, and endpoints to new and existing customers. This new functionality delivers unparalleled mapping capabilities, including pre-flight validation, which gives users the ability to understand whether the content meets a destination’s requirement before reaching an endpoint and ultimately provides greater efficiency.

The launch of the inriver next-generation syndication platform provides built-in, cloud-native API capabilities, consolidating channel integrations into a customisable hub model. The hub model solves customers’ biggest hurdle within syndication: mapping, which is often a time-consuming process. With these added capabilities from inriver, core mapping grows over time and the platform will get smarter as it learns more about how content maps to ongoing and evolving requirements.

“Today’s announcement builds upon our recent value-based packaging announcement, further solidifying inriver as the most sophisticated PIM solution on the market,” said Niels Stenfeldt, CEO of inriver. “We are particularly delighted to announce the availability of our live syndication endpoints in one common framework and work with leading vendors like Amazon. Our customers have already begun to benefit from our rapidly growing network of relationships and look forward to our unique solutions powering the entire product journey for more leading brands.”

“In a world that calls for more product data to support the circular economy, we are happy to see new customers signing up for our SOC 2 compliant solutions as they leave unsophisticated or insecure open-source solutions where algorithmic transparency is lacking,” continued Stenfeldt. “Our composable inriver PIM solution continues to deliver significant value for our customers at every product touchpoint, thanks to enhanced revenue-driving capabilities for syndication, built into the digital shelf.”

With this added capability, customers have a uniquely scalable, cost-efficient and more secure route to market, which can live within the digital shelf seamlessly with channels, like IDEA Connector and marketplace providers such as Amazon and many more.
As the world’s largest provider of Digital Shelf Analytics, inriver’s platform doesn’t just provide one-way information for customers. Instead, it provides a feedback loop of actionable insights to the user about how and where products are displayed, providing the right information for the right person at the right time in a digestible, tailored, and curated way. Today’s announcement strengthens this offering with built-in, API-based syndication that allows customers to get products on the digital shelf sooner, with greater accuracy and lower operating costs.

inriver is the PIM market leader for brands, manufacturers, and retailers – including brands such as Cartier, Michelin and Garmin, among others. To learn more about the new breed of PIM, visit