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Pulsant pioneers platformEDGE™ to deliver UK-wide edge computing for all

Pulsant, the UK’s edge infrastructure provider, today launches platformEDGE™ — a next-generation platform that will enable regional businesses across the UK to harness the opportunity of digital transformation.

platformEDGE™ is a UK-wide integrated infrastructure that enables scalable, high-performance, low-latency edge application delivery. By placing intense compute power as close to the end device as possible, edge computing enables businesses to exploit data-dense opportunities such as video analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality (VR) gaming, autonomous vehicles, and remote monitoring.

platformEDGE™ has three components:

• A regional data centre network, offering the capacity to co-locate in any of Pulsant’s 12 secure data centre locations, connected by 100Gbps Zayo
fibre with latency of 10ms or less
• Low latency connectivity with flexible options designed to maximise edge performance with Megaport’s SDN (Software Defined Network) platform
• A distributed compute and storage platform for edge workloads and hyperscale cloud integrations

These three elements help simplify the journey to the edge for regional businesses, accelerating time to value and ensuring they are well positioned for future growth opportunities. Edge computing is also critical to ensure smart cities remain economically viable as populations (and data) continue to grow exponentially.

Rob Coupland, CEO, Pulsant comments: “Our heritage is built on championing regional business. platformEDGE™ is the next stage in this evolution, delivering the technological foundation for these businesses to digitally transform. We have invested hundreds of millions in this technology to collapse the digital divide and accelerate innovation throughout the UK.”

Simon Michie, CTO, Pulsant adds: “There are just over half a million software developers in the UK. platformEDGE™ will dissolve the infrastructure constraints they face and unleash regional innovation for local businesses, governments, service providers, and suppliers, in a way that can’t be achieved today.”

Supporting quotes

Michael Katz, VP Product & Technology, Zayo: “High-performance, low-latency and scalable connectivity has arrived for businesses across the UK; The combination of Pulsant data centres and Zayo fibre equips regional businesses everywhere with dependable, lightning-quick connectivity needed to make an impact at scale, unlocking edge computing for trailblazers all across the country.”

Mike Juancey, UK Channel Director, Megaport: ““With an exponential increase in data generation, latency-sensitive applications, connected devices, and remote users, modern businesses are required to meet some strenuous digital standards in their given markets – particularly in regions where connectivity isn’t as accessible.

platformEDGE™ empowers local, national, and international businesses to do so. Businesses can now streamline operations and introduce new products by processing critical workloads and applications at the edge, reducing latency and improving user experiences. The strategic placement of Pulsant’s platform guarantees UK customers the flexibility they need to deliver services, with exceptional speed and responsiveness.

The combined power of platformEDGE™ and Megaport’s global Network as a Service platform unlocks new levels of agility and scalability for both hybrid and multicloud workloads. Customers can stay ahead of the competition and thrive in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.”