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Revolutionising the Road: Exploring Vauxhall’s Technological Advancements

When the government announced that a planned ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars had been brought forward to 2030 in a bid to boost its aim to have net zero carbon emissions by 2050, it was a huge moment for the automotive industry.

Rather than resist and put up a fight, though, manufacturers have turned their attention to electrifying their offerings. Vauxhall has led the way in this regard, intending to only offer electric vehicles (EVs) from 2028.

Vauxhall’s EV line-up

The all-electric Astra isn’t quite here yet, but Vauxhall already has a range of options for drivers looking to get an EV.

Corsa Electric: This hatchback has a range of 222 miles on a single charge and can reach 60mph in just 7.6 seconds.

Mokka Electric: An all-electric SUV with a 50KWh lithium-ion battery that boasts a range of 209 miles, the Mokka is perfect for growing families.

Vivaro Life Electric: With ergonomic seating and room for up to nine people, your passengers will be so comfortable they won’t want to get out at the end of the journey!

Combo Life Electric: If the Vivaro is a bit too big, the Combo Life has room for five or seven people.

When you’ve found the model that’s right for you, it could be worth seeing if you could make a saving by looking at used Vauxhall cars that are up for sale.

Vauxhall’s on-the-road technology

The latest Vauxhall vehicles are crammed full of innovative tech, but we’ve pulled out a few of the most impressive examples for you.

IntelliLux LED® Pixel Matrix Headlights: Driving at night has never been easier. With 84 elements in each headlamp, you’ll see more of the road than ever before. Plus, they automatically dim when there’s an oncoming car, so you don’t need to worry about dazzling other drivers.

Night Vision: You’ll feel even more confident driving on unlit roads with this infrared camera capable of spotting pedestrians and animals from up to 100 metres away. You can see the feed from the camera on your dashboard, enabling you to enjoy the journey a bit more.

Highway integration assist: Advanced cruise control and lane position technologies have been combined to create a system that can help you merge, follow the vehicle ahead, or follow a particular lane. All of that only takes the touch of a button.

Pure Panel: Two 10-inch screens create a seamless look between the driver’s heads-up display and the central multimedia unit. You can view a whole host of data about your vehicle and use the e-Save function to help you reach your destination and conserve the battery. Plus, place your phone on the wireless charging pad and project it onto the screen, before using voice control for a truly hands-free experience.