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Hyve hosts National Television Awards website for fourth year in a row

Hyve Managed Hosting, Brighton-based cloud services provider, has today announced that it is hosting the National Television Awards (NTAs) servers for the fourth ceremony in a row. To handle the increased traffic, Hyve has fine-tuned a bespoke, load-balanced cloud solution for NTAs partner Indigo Television, dynamically scaling resources during multiple rounds of online public voting running up to the ceremony on 5th September 2023.

Unlike other awards ceremonies, the NTAs, an annual awards ceremony that celebrates the best of British television, are voted for entirely by the public. Although voting by phone is possible, a huge number of votes are cast online during two stages leading up to the ceremony, so ensuring both reliability and scalability of the NTAs website during these periods is critical. Hyve hosts two virtual servers for the NTAs on its managed enterprise cloud platform and has been upgrading cloud resources for the website over the summer as and when needed, to ensure everyone who wants to vote can, and that it remains a fair and consistent process.
This year, the server resources have been increased by 24 times their usual levels within the two voting windows to accommodate the increased heavy traffic from the members of the British public participating in the votes. Resources are then dialled back to usual levels (providing traffic has subsided again too) in between voting stages in order to cut out unnecessary resources from the cloud solution and lower costs for the customer.

As well as creating a bespoke, scalable cloud solution for the NTAs in order to guarantee 100% uptime, Hyve’s support team is also on hand to continuously monitor the servers even after resources have been increased to their new levels. This team sets alert thresholds for the servers and if the NTAs website experiences unprecedented levels of traffic, Hyve can proactively increase resources again. The ability to scale cloud resources dynamically on virtual servers also helps streamline the voting period for Indigo Television as nothing new needs to be introduced beyond their existing hardware, meaning they don’t need new logins or IPs when voting commences.

“We are running a high-profile event where every member of the British public has the chance to vote for the best of the nation’s TV,” said Kim Turberville, Executive Producer at the National Television Awards. “It’s essential that everyone who wants to vote is able to, so it’s all hands on deck in the lead up to the ceremony. Having Hyve available 24/7 as an extension of our team gives us peace of mind that one of the most important facets of the whole process is going to run without a hitch, and we stick with them year in year out because they deliver a cloud solution that works for us during voting without having to pay for resources we don’t need the rest of the year.”

“We’re delighted to continue our partnership with the NTAs and have them take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of Hyve managed enterprise cloud platform for the third year in a row,” said Jake Madders, director and co-founder of Hyve Managed Hosting. “Creating cloud solutions that are tailored to the individual requirements of organisations is what we do best, and we’re thrilled that the NTAs team trusts us to handle this busy period for them time and time again.”

Hyve Managed Hosting is an official partner of the NTAs alongside ITV and Radio Times.

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