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Centerprise and NetSfere bring Secure and Compliant locally Hosted Messaging Services to UK Organisations.

Organisations across the UK now have a powerful and secure solution for their messaging needs with the launch of Netsfere, a next-generation messaging platform hosted on Centerprise’s CiCloud infrastructure. This delivers a unique combination of advanced messaging features, data residency assurance, and the scalability and reliability of Centerprise’s leading cloud platform.

Netsfere offers businesses with a state-of-the-art, next-generation messaging solution that is both secure and user-friendly. This comprehensive communication platform encompasses messaging, voice, video, secure meetings, screen sharing, and file sharing—all within a secure, compliant, and private enterprise-grade environment. NetSfere is compatible with major devices and platforms, including mobile, desktop, and browser, featuring real-time device synchronisation. Designed from the ground up to deliver the utmost levels of security, compliance, and administrative control for enterprises, the hosting with Centerprise not only ensures data and messages remain secure within the UK but also provides adherence to strict data protection compliance regulations. Given the ongoing concerns surrounding data residency, the new offering provides businesses with complete peace of mind by ensuring that sensitive communication data are never stored outside the country.

“We are thrilled to bring Netsfere to the UK market and partner with Centerprise to offer businesses a truly secure and compliant messaging solution,” said Anurag Lal, CEO of Netsfere. “By leveraging Centerprise’s CiCloud infrastructure, we can guarantee UK data residency and provide businesses with the scalability and reliability they need to support their communication needs.”

Centerprise’s CiCloud, a secure and robust cloud platform, provides the perfect foundation for Netsfere’s advanced messaging features. With CiCloud’s high availability and disaster recovery capabilities, businesses can be confident that their messaging system will always be up and running, even in unforeseen circumstances.

“We are excited to welcome Netsfere to the CiCloud platform,” said Jeremy Nash, CEO of Centerprise International. “Netsfere’s commitment to security and data residency aligns perfectly with our values, and we are confident that our combined solution will empower businesses to communicate securely and efficiently.”

The launch of Netsfere on CiCloud comes at a time when businesses are increasingly seeking secure and compliant communication solutions. With its focus on data security, UK data residency, and advanced messaging features, Netsfere provides a compelling option for businesses of all sizes looking to modernise their communication infrastructure.

Key benefits of Netsfere on CiCloud:

Secure and compliant: Built from the ground up with multiple layers of protection, NetSfere’s industry-leading end-to-end encryption protects your sensitive business data and intellectual property, ensuring a secure communication environment for the enterprise and using CiCloud’s secure UK-only Cloud infrastructure to deliver 100% uptime.

Data Residency: All messages, attachments and files are stored on CiCloud’s secure UK-only environment and controlled by a UK company.
Advanced features: Comprehensive suite of communication tools, including instant messaging, file sharing, video, Secure Meet, video streaming, and emergency broadcast, with full audit and retention capability.

Scalable and reliable: Hosted on Centerprise’s CiCloud infrastructure for guaranteed uptime and performance.

Control: NetSfere provides IT administrators with a powerful centralised administrative control panel to manage all aspects of the communication platform. IT administrators can provision, manage and enforce end-user policies and privileges as mandated by the enterprise, providing total control to IT teams.

Simple to Use: Set up with only name and email address. Connect and communicate with co-workers and third parties via text, voice, or video: User-friendly and intuitive interface. Add or remove any number of participants at any time. Instantly synchronise messages between the user’s phone, tablet and laptop.