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Ta-da introduces revolutionary crypto token via exclusive MultiversX launchpad — A world-first in the blockchain and AI Industry

Unveiling a major innovation in blockchain, Ta-da launches a unique token with a dedicated launchpad, redefining micro-task remuneration on a global scale

METZ, France – February 8, 2024 — Ta-da, the French startup emerging from advanced research and development in artificial intelligence (AI) and voice recognition by Vivoka, today announced the introduction of its pioneering crypto token. This launch, utilising a dedicated platform specifically for the token’s debut, is set to transform the landscape of micro-task compensation on a worldwide scale.

The Ta-da token, engineered to streamline and secure payment for micro-task performers, notably leverages blockchain technology to ensure unparalleled transparency and equity within the industry. It not only represents a tradable unit of value symbolizing a digital asset on the blockchain, but it is also the first to guarantee transparent and direct remuneration for user contributions.

Distinguished from existing alternatives, the Ta-da token underscores fair practices and the acknowledgment of individual contributions, reinforcing its position as a significant breakthrough.

The MultiversX launchpad, renowned as a digital incubator, provides a robust platform for the acceleration of cutting-edge blockchain ventures. It functions as a facilitator for capital generation, while its stringent project selection criteria assure that only the most promising ventures gain early investor engagement. The platform serves as a key enabler for emergent blockchain tech, fostering vital connections with investors and community development.

From a competitive pool of over 3,000 candidates, Ta-da was chosen to join this launchpad, a blockchain network tailored for next-generation applications, thereby gaining global recognition for the initiative’s quality and potential. This partnership exemplifies the fruitful intersection of AI, blockchain technology, and image classification, underscoring Ta-da’s dedication to leading-edge innovation.

William Simonin, Chairman of Ta-da and Co-Founder of Vivoka, expresses his vision: “Our collaboration with MultiversX reaffirms our commitment to innovation, quality and transparency. Together, we are redefining compensation standards in the world of Web 3.0, making our token a world first.”

Towards a global community and strategic partnerships strengthening fairness and transparency

Ta-da transcends the traditional corporate framework to build a global community of users passionate about data collection and verification. Thanks to the strategic exploitation of the blockchain, Ta-da ensures reliable, transparent data production and fair remuneration for each micro-task completed. This advance constitutes notable progress in an area often marked by opacity.

Strengthened by strategic partnerships with major players, Ta-da consolidates its position as an innovative leader in image/voice annotation and data classification via blockchain, inaugurating a digital era where each contribution is fairly valued in the world of AI and Web 3.0.

About Ta-da:

Ta-da is the new business unit of Vivoka, leader in voice technologies and voice AI in France. Founded in Metz, it offers AI-utilizing companies the opportunity to access quality and personalized data at the right price to fuel their ambitions.

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