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German ISP WOBCOM disaggregates its multi-service network edge

WOBCOM, the leading regional Internet Service Provider in Wolfsburg, Germany, is partnering with RtBrick to deliver Layer-3 broadband and Layer-2 Ethernet services to its customers across a disaggregated network edge, using open switches from UfiSpace. Traditionally provided within closed monolithic routing systems, network disaggregation decouples hardware and software to deliver a more flexible, scalable, and lower-cost network.

“Network disaggregation offers us the opportunity to innovate by independently selecting the best software for our use-case along with the open hardware we choose to run it on,” said Jan Marienfeldt, Teamlead Network and Infrastructure at WOBCOM. “Using RtBrick’s routing software gives us greater flexibility and allows us to deliver high throughput to both our business and residential customers for less cost.”

WOBCOM are delivering Ethernet business services at up to 100Gbps and residential IP services with symmetrical 1Gbps throughput from their new disaggregated edge.

“WOBCOM has shown how operators of all sizes can take advantage of disaggregated architectures today,” said Hannes Gredler, CTO and Founder at RtBrick. “They have demonstrated their ability to deploy and operate an open cloud-native network architecture that supports multiple services, building one of the most advanced network edge architectures in Europe.”

WOBCOM has deployed RtBrick’s software on UfiSpace S9510-28DC switches around the city, which can each deliver 800Gbps of throughput and support thousands of subscribers, to distribute its BNG functions close to the network edge. The disaggregated solution was integrated by WDZ GmbH, a sister company to WOBCOM, that plans to offer its integration expertise to other ISPs in Europe.

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