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New research reveals 1 in 5 UK consumers request new passwords weekly as digital ‘account fatigue’ undermines firms’ cybersecurity practices

New research from Beyond Encryption reveals that digital ‘account fatigue’ ’is hindering consumers’ ability to adequately protect their online accounts and weakening businesses’ cybersecurity practices. The research highlighted that on average a UK consumer has 119 different accounts to manage and 1 in 5 are requesting a new password weekly as they struggle to manage their online accounts and security.

50% of consumers said that the number of separate logins they have to remember and manage makes them feel overwhelmed and confused. This can lead to poor password management which leaves the door open for threat actors. Additionally, respondents with a higher number of accounts are nearly 3 times more likely to reset their password daily at 14% compared to the average of 5%.

However, consumers have shown an inclination to adopt solutions that will streamline their experience and ease the burden of password management whilst still maintaining security. With 44% of consumers saying that they prefer single sign-on services for this exact reason and over half of respondents stating they are comfortable using biometric authentication (57%) and password managers (54%), there are clear alternatives that businesses should consider to resolve this issue.

Paul Holland, CEO of Beyond Encryption says: “Login management is essential for security. However, we must acknowledge that we’re putting an additional burden on our customers when we give them an account. Credential management can be a huge source of frustration if not made seamless.

“It is crucial for businesses to quickly resolve this issue and bridge the gap between consumer expectations and current digital offerings. To achieve this, businesses must adopt a multifaceted approach that focuses on simplifying portal navigation, catering to consumer preference on login methods to streamline portal access, and supplying secure, multichannel communications that offer targeted value and meet evolving consumer needs.”

Beyond Encryption’s new report, has shone a harsh light on the impact of password and account fatigue on password security and provides key insights on wider consumer behaviour. The burden businesses are putting on consumers with an overwhelming amount of accounts to manage is not only damaging to cybersecurity but also to customer engagement and the adoption of new digital services, with almost half of consumers (43%) not engaging with or using digital services due to a sense of ‘digital overwhelm’ and weariness.