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Safety First: How Trustly Minimizes Fraud Risks in Online Gaming Transactions

Online gaming platforms have grown in popularity over the years. But with its growth being continuous, the need for reliable and secure payment methods is also growing. With the risk of fraud being increased, what can be done to protect the players? Especially when they’re doing online transactions.

This guide will discuss Trustly, which is considered one of the more secure payment methods out there today. If you’re new to Trustly, we’ll give you a brief overview of what it is. In addition, we’ll also discuss how we can work well on online gaming platforms. Let’s get started.

What is Trustly?

Before choosing one of the many top online casinos that accept Trustly, it’s important to know what this payment method is. Trustly is an online payment method that is used in Europe and North America. You can be able to connect Trustly to your bank account so you can be able to make quick and secure payments whether it’s deposits or withdrawals. It also features excellent security features too.

You’ll have encrypted connections and also your bank credentials will never be seen. It gives you plenty of layers of protection when it comes to staying as anonymous as possible. This can be a huge plus for those who want to minimize the amount of fraud that happens in online gaming platforms.

How Does Trustly Work?

The way Trustly works is simple. First, they can be able to choose it as a method of payment when using the online gaming platform of their choice. From there, they might be redirected to the Trustly site itself, where they can choose their bank. Next, they can log in with the credentials and then choose the account where they will be making the payment. After this, they can make the deposit or receive their winnings via withdrawal.

As is the case with e-wallets, it might take anywhere from three to seven days on average for you to receive your funds after a withdrawal request. However, this may be dependent on the platform. For deposits, you can be able to add money fairly quickly using your Trustly account.

What are Trustly’s Security Features?

Trustly has plenty of security measures. They are designed to ensure that fraud risks stay low in online gaming transactions, so let’s take a look at what they are.

  • MFA Verification: Perhaps one of the best features for security is multifactor authentication or MFA. This feature will add an extra layer so that it’s you, the authorized user that can access the bank account connected to Trustly.
  • Encryption: Advanced Encryption is yet another awesome feature that Trustly utilizes to protect your sensitive data during deposit or withdrawal transactions. Trustly will serve as the intermediary between you, the player, and the casino to ensure that every transaction – regardless of which direction the money is going – is safe and can’t be intercepted.
  • Fraud monitoring: Trustly will always keep an eye out for fraud. They will look out for any signs of the activity. If they notice anything that may seem suspicious, they can flag it and investigate it. As such, both players and casinos will be protected accordingly.
  • It’s regulated: The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority is the regulatory body that oversees Trustly. The platform must adhere to very strict financial regulations and standards. Because of this, users will see this as a more trustworthy platform.

What are the Advantages of Trustly for Online Gaming?

With Trustly being a reputable payment method, it has its advantages for online gamers. Here’s a look at what those are:

  • Speed: Trustless transactions are processed fairly quickly. Deposits will be instant, allowing you more time to play your favourite games. Don’t forget that Trustly can also process withdrawals much quicker than other payment methods offered by online gaming platforms. Once again, the timing may vary from one platform to another.
  • Accessibility: While it is mostly available in North America and Europe, it is typically preferred by players in the latter continent. In addition, it also supports a wide variety of North American and European banks and the customers who have accounts with them.
  • No extra fees: For those who want to keep more money in their account, the good news is that Trustly does not charge any extra fees. There may be some that could apply (if applicable). But it may be dependent on your geographical region. 

We hope you now have an understanding of Trustly and how it can be great for minimizing fraud risks in online gaming. If you want quick transactions, excellent security, and peace of mind – give Trustly a try. It could be the best option for online gaming for many reasons including secure transactions.