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We love to hear about your Tech News!  Posts should target the UK Professional Tech Community and Tech Industry (we are strict on this – please visit the site to see what we accept before submitting.)  Thought leadership, research and original pieces from tech companies are particularly welcome.

What we don’t cover:

Branding, marketing, digital agency news, logistics, accounts – even if there is a vague link to the tech community such as an online meeting, an app for home users, or a virtual webinar unless it is specifically tech related, e.g. a software training webinar.  This site covers professional tech, e.g. CTOs, software developers.

If the article is great but doesn’t target our audience, or if its a sales led piece we won’t be able to use it.


We only accept plain text links, SEO posts with keyword links do not qualify for free coverage.  If you submit an SEO post I will assume you are willing to pay for coverage and send you a bill for £100.



  1. Please note I seem to be hitting the ‘reject article’ button a lot lately due to articles being submitted which have no or only vague relevance to the UK tech community.  Just because someone uses a computer or app does not make it relevant IT or tech news for our audience. Please use your common sense and save both our time.
  2. Promotional, sales-led images with sales messages are only allowed on advertorials – it’s news, not a free ad!!!!  I’m getting far too many of them lately.
  3. NO LOGOS OR INFOGRAPHICS as post images please – stock images only. We will no longer accept them unless you are a Gold Club member.  The reason? Everyone ignores the dimension requests, which means if I use them unedited, they don’t fit the space, they look positively awful and I don’t have time to provide a free image editing service as well as free coverage.  If you need a stock image, you can find them free to use on or Pexels

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