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Why Finding the Right Tech Is Crucial for Remote Workplaces?

It is safe to say that the Covid 19 pandemic has caused many changes to the way we work. Before this, a few people worked from home occasionally. However, since March 2020 there has been a huge rise in the number of people who have been expected to work from home, often at short notice. People have found that they enjoy working remotely, at least some of the time, and it now seems that covid or no covid remote working is here to stay. Finding the right tech has become crucial for remote workplaces for several reasons.


One minute the government is asking us all to go back to work to save the economy and the next moment we are all being advised to work from home if we can. This changeability is difficult to manage and without the right tech, it becomes impossible. A business can go from having 90% of its workforce at the same office to the same number of people logging on from home, and without having the right tech, this becomes impossible to manage.

To keep up with this changeability, it makes sense to use a company such as EvolvIt to manage your hosted desktop, as well as any other IT requirements. Evolvit has been managing outsourced IT for over 20 years, long before the pandemic homeworking of the last couple of years, so they know exactly how to run their service and can help you to make changes at short notice.


Nothing says unprofessional like tech that keeps crashing. When you have to keep turning the system on and off or calling customers back it is likely that they will consider you to be unprofessional and take their business elsewhere. If you are working remotely, you need to maintain the right tech or risk losing business.

Staying Ahead of The Competition

Unfortunately, it is often the big companies who win more business. After all, they can afford to use the latest tech and stay ahead of the game. They are often trusted more by their customers as they are less likely to go out of business during a pandemic. This can leave smaller companies struggling to keep up. IT is a place where you can only compete if you have a lot of money, or you find the right tech for the right price and can level out the playing field.

Creating Flexibility

Since the introduction of the internet, customers have become more demanding. People are used to being able to shop online or do business at any hour of the day or night and only being able to communicate with a company between the hours of 9-5 is outdated.

This doesn’t mean that you need to stay up all night in case a customer has a question but the ability for them to be able to access your website, buy online, or research frequently asked questions can make the difference between a sale and ensuring that the potential customer goes to your competition instead. Having the right tech so that your customers can access what they need remotely is crucial to modern business.

Keeping In Touch

It is arguably more important to keep in touch with your colleagues if you are working remotely than if you are all in the same office.  After all, you can’t lean over your colleague’s desk to see what they are working on or have a catch-up at the water cooler if you are not in the same building. This is where remote connections are especially important. A team meeting over Zoom can achieve a lot and a quick chat on WhatsApp can help you to make quick decisions when you are on a deadline. However, keeping in touch with your colleagues when you are working remotely does require you to use tech, so you need to make sure that you have the right tech for the job.

Hiring The Right Staff

Making sure that you have the right staff in place is crucial to your business and finding the right tech is a huge part of that. Many job hunters won’t work for a company these days unless there is some flexibility for them to work from home. They need the right tech to be able to do this so if you want to get the right employees in place to help your business grow, you have to be able to provide the right tech.

This is good news for you as it means that you have a bigger talent pool to recruit from. You can hire from all over the world and find the best people for the job rather than recruiting from a limited pool of people who happen to live near your office.

Finding the right tech is crucial for remote workplaces if you want to stay ahead of the competition and continue to grow. This necessity looks set to remain and even increase in the future.