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Cradlepoint enhances Gloucestershire County Council Park & Ride services with seamless 5G connectivity solution

Cradlepoint, the global leader in cloud-delivered LTE and 5G wireless solutions, is working with Gloucestershire County Council to enhance the Park & Ride at Arle Court in Cheltenham experience for commuters, passengers, and staff. Through Cradlepoint’s cutting-edge 5G solutions, the council has eliminated connectivity challenges, introduced new possibilities for better services, while providing a greener transportation solution.

Gloucestershire County Council’s Park & Ride service was challenged by reduced parking space, due to increased development in the area, causing congestion and unauthorised parking. To tackle this, a QR code-based system was introduced for bus passengers, tackling parking abuse and congestion’s environmental impact.

However, 4G dongle connectivity used to power the QR code-based system, frequently disconnected every 20 minutes, causing delays and frustration for drivers and passengers. In response, Gloucestershire County Council Park & Ride partnered with Cradlepoint, installing the R1900 router and Panorama Antenna within the bus. Ignition Sensing was configured to ensure continuous connectivity during stops, eliminating the need for frequent connectivity reboots. This ruggedised router ensures optimal performance, even in extreme weather conditions. With gigabit LTE and second-generation 5G architecture, it delivers lightning-fast speeds of up to 1Gbps.

With its QR code connectivity significantly improved and disconnections eliminated, Gloucestershire County Council Park & Ride has successfully curbed parking abuse, and enhanced enforcement capabilities and customer satisfaction. Drivers have embraced the hassle-free solution, and passengers can enjoy an uninterrupted experience, free from connectivity issues. The reduction in non-permitted parking and congestion contributes to cleaner air, decreased greenhouse gas emissions, and a more sustainable urban transportation network.

Andrew Burford, Parking Procurement & Contract Manager, Parking Services at Gloucestershire County Council, said, “Cradlepoint’s solution was a game-changer for us. It has helped us to transform the way we manage our Park & Ride’s service by making our operations run far more efficiently. The 5G network has eliminated the persistent connectivity challenges we used to face, and we’re now able to deliver hassle-free services for our customers. Beyond the technical solution, what really struck us was the exceptional after-sales support we were offered. Cradlepoint’s commitment to us is really what made them stand out.”

Steven Winter, Public Sector Regional Sales Manager at Cradlepoint, said, “Gloucestershire County Council Park & Ride’s use of Cradlepoint’s technology demonstrates the impact of seamless connectivity on public transportation and its knock-on effect on improving sustainability efforts. We are thrilled to have played a pivotal role in enhancing the service and reducing the impact on the environment.”

Unlocking new possibilities: expanding services and driving innovation

The success has far-reaching implications. With newfound confidence in their connectivity, the council is now exploring additional services such as on-board Wi-Fi for passengers. Discussions are underway to expand the solution, with other council’s looking to replicate the solution, based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback.

The collaboration between Cradlepoint and Gloucestershire County Council demonstrates the potential of technology to redefine public transportation services, opening new possibilities through enhanced connectivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. The project has been instrumental in shaping the future of green transportation solutions that benefit both commuters and the environment.