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Two thirds of IT teams say it will be “impossible” to keep workplace IoT Devices up to date

Over half (61%) of IT decision makers believe that it will be impossible to keep all IoT devices in the enterprise up to date all of the time.

That’s according to new research from Kollective, the leading provider of software-defined enterprise content delivery networks to the Global 2000.

The Kollective report, ‘Distributed Devices’, is based on a survey of 270 US and UK based IT decision makers and explores the challenges of incorporating IoT devices into their business ecosystems. It also investigates what these professionals can do to ensure that all devices at the edge of their networks are reached effectively, securely, and at speed.

There is a growing demand to enable large-scale IoT networks in the enterprise, with Kollective’s research revealing that 88% of IT decision makers believe IoT devices will make their workplaces more efficient. However, there are concerns regarding the underlying processes and network infrastructure for managing, monitoring and updating these devices to remove security risks while enabling these efficiencies.

According to Kollective’s report, this will place significant pressure on IT teams, with 88% of respondents believing IT departments hold full responsibility for updating these devices and a further 90% accepting that all IoT updates should be tested before they are installed.

Commenting on the new research findings, Kirk Wolfe, VP of Corporate Development at Kollective said,

“As the network edge continues its rapid expansion with an influx of IoT devices, the path to scaling and maintaining large-scale IoT networks will require a similar type of peer-to-peer architecture.”

“Kollective is actively collaborating with its customers and partners, many of whom are leading the investment charge into IoT device infrastructure, and conducting this type of research to build a path for enabling the same scalability, high availability, and self-configuration capabilities for the deployment of large-scale IoT networks.”

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