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Ajax Amsterdam enhances online experience for football fans with Mitek

Mitek (NASDAQ: MITK, has today announced that Ajax Amsterdam, one of Europe’s premier football clubs, will be using Mitek’s Mobile Verify® with Face Comparison solution to improve online experience and bolster security for fans.

Putting fan enjoyment and safety at the heart of everything they do, Ajax is committed to verifying the identities of ticket buyers. The hurdles, complying with GDPR while maintaining paper copies of fans’ ID documents, was becoming an unachievable task.

The club recognised the need to optimise its online process, ensure compliance, and greatly improve the online experience of its fans. Realising the role that identity verification technology could play in a digital process, Ajax selected Mitek’s Mobile Verify® solution.

Mobile Verify® combines a best-in-class image capture experience with leading document authentication technology to validate that the ID document presented in a digital transaction is genuine and unaltered. Once the ID document has been validated, Mobile Verify uses sophisticated face comparison algorithms to automatically compare the portrait extracted from the ID document with a selfie – thus proving that the person submitting the ID document is its rightful owner. Digital identity verification also hugely improves customer experience. Ajax has been able to digitise the customer journey and thereby make stadium entrance on match days, among other processes, easier and quicker. It will also help protect customer’s ID documents in light of GDPR. Naturally, this technology helps Mitek’s clients to remain compliant with privacy legislation.

“Our fans are the lifeblood of the Club. To improve our fans’ online experience and security in ticket sales, we knew the next stage was to deploy identity verification technology,” said Susan Lenderink CFO at Ajax Amsterdam.

“We know that our online process will be improved through digital ID verification, transforming our fans’ experience and keeping them on-side even outside the 90 minutes of play.”

Rene Hendrikse, EMEA MD at Mitek, added:

“Football fans nowadays want the best online experience, and Ajax’s investment in the latest technology is making this a reality.”

“We are proud to work alongside Ajax, a club so in tune with its fans, to help improve their online experience. With an identity verification process where AI is doing the heavy lifting, Ajax’s fans can get a consumer-friendly online experience. With an industry-leading focus on fan experience, we look forward to continuing our work with this innovative and historic club.”