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Advanced strengthens TruePartner network with Rubixx

Rubixx has strengthened its commitment to Advanced by moving onto the new Advanced TruePartner programme. The partnership recognises Rubixx’s track record in the areas of technology solutions and support for small and medium sized enterprises (SME), and underpins its commitment to helping SMEs achieve successful digital transformation.

Rubixx provides annual support and independent consultancy for OpenAccounts and eBIS organisations ranging from 500 to 33,000 customers. They specialise in channel shifting organisations to digital self-service with their supplier, contractor and customer portals. They also provide data warehousing and business intelligence, which fully integrates into OpenAccounts and selected business systems, giving organisations a 360-degree view of their business.

Rubixx are one of many organisations proud to announce their long-term commitment to Advanced by moving onto the new TruePartner programme over the last few months

Simon Reay, Group Director at Rubixx, commented:

“The new TruePartner program was a natural fit for us, having partnered previously with Advanced on its OpenAccounts solution for many years. Being a TruePartner allows us to develop far tighter integration for our OpenAccounts add-on solutions such as the self-serve supplier portal – OnPay.  It also expands our portfolio with Advanced, moving to sell and support OpenAccounts and eBIS with the TruePartner certifications and accreditations to give customers the assurance of our levels of expertise and customer support.

“Advanced has worked closely with us to provide technical support, training, marketing support and product development workshops. This partnership lets us take a clear position in the sectors we serve, and acquire larger and more complex clients than we otherwise would.”

The Advanced TruePartner programme is designed to reward resellers for their ‘digital by default’ strategy, ensuring it provides the relevant training, skills transfer and ongoing support needed to drive joint success for its range of market focused solutions.

Dean McGlone, Channel Sales Director at Advanced, welcomes Rubixx to the TruePartner programme:

  1. “We know there is an incredible opportunity as SMEs increasingly look to put technology at the heart of their organisation. However, to ensure this is successful, they require help on this journey – from implementation, training and support right through to future planning.
  2. “Rubixx has demonstrated its strengths and ambitions in technology solutions for SMEs. By moving onto the new TruePartner programme, Rubixx is well positioned to realise the benefits that Advanced solutions can deliver in terms of helping SMEs digitally transform while achieving profitable and recurring growth.”

Some of the key features that Advanced is providing with its new TruePartner programme include:

  • Close collaboration and support with resellers to develop market and sector insight
  • Onboarding, training and marketing support for partners
  • Comprehensive accreditation and generous financial rewards, at every level
  • Reseller confidence that they are providing SMEs with exceptional technology

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