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IoT momentum grows, as businesses join new ‘Octave’ platform

Leading Internet of Things (IoT) provider Sierra Wireless has announced the general availability of Octave – an all-in-one edge-to-cloud solution for connecting industrial assets to the cloud. With integrated edge devices, network and interfaces to all major cloud service providers, Octave accelerates, simplifies and de-risks IoT initiatives.

By building edge-to-cloud connectivity into products, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and enterprises can collect data about how equipment is being used, allowing them to maximize performance and uptime, reduce maintenance costs and offer equipment-as-a-service and consumption-based services.

While the benefits for industrial companies are clear, the complexities of implementing and scaling with IoT can make it too expensive and risky for many to attempt. Octave simplifies this complex integration, allowing companies to get applications up and running within days instead of months, giving them access to use their equipment data to unlock valuable insights and opportunities.

Kent Thexton, President & CEO, Sierra Wireless, said:

“It is difficult, complex and time consuming to integrate wireless edge technology. Octave is built on 25 years of Sierra Wireless IoT experience to deliver a whole new way for OEMs and industrial companies to access machine data in the cloud. Octave eliminates the complex hardware integration, certification and security concerns and allows businesses to seamlessly access their operational data in the cloud and integrate it with their IT systems.”

Sierra Wireless Octave integrates edge devices, network, and interfaces to all major cloud service providers into an all-in-one solution that securely extracts, orchestrates and acts on data from remote assets at the edge to the cloud. Customers can focus on building their business rather than reinventing technical infrastructure, which dramatically reduces costs and development time from several months to days for OEMs, system integrators and enterprises.

Octave will help industrial companies accelerate IoT development, de-risk their IoT deployments and free them to focus on their IoT data, rather than the infrastructure. With interfaces to all major cloud service providers, Octave turns the Industrial IoT into a cloud API that companies can merge with their existing IT systems.

Axibio, a Paris-based biowaste management company, has developed its proprietary smart biowaste collector based on Octave. It is using data collected from its system to revolutionize how waste is managed, moving to an “Earn as You Throw” model, where people can be rewarded for ecologically conscious behavior that meets regulatory targets. Pierre-André Galy, Co-Founder and Axibio Chairman, said:

“With Sierra Wireless Octave, we didn’t need to dedicate resources to developing the IoT infrastructure. Instead we could focus on building our web application and let Octave handle the rest. With the link from hardware to the cloud securely established, our product now has a near-infinite number of potential applications for a minimum development effort.”

Systems integrators and application developers can also start building with the Octave platform, today. David Mansfeld, Managing Partner at BM COM, a system integrator and developer of IoT and augmented reality applications, said:

“With Octave, everything was easy to set up. The very first time we plugged in the edge device and used Octave to connect it to our solution, it worked. The entire process took less than a day. Being able to immediately get the data we want from an edge device, when we want it, will significantly speed up the testing of IoT application POCs for us. Perhaps just as importantly, we think Octave will not only make building and testing IoT applications easier for us, but it will simplify application management and updates for our customers over these applications’ lifetimes.”

A new report from Forrester Research reveals companies can get to market up to 12 months sooner and reduce project costs by 42 percent using the Octave all-in-one edge-to-cloud solution, versus sourcing discrete solutions.

Jan ten Sythoff, Senior TEI Consultant, Forrester Research, said:

“It is no longer a question of whether to attempt digital transformation for industrial companies, but rather how to do so successfully. Sierra Wireless’ Octave has created a new category of IoT solutions, with cloud-based features and configuration that make it much simpler for an organization’s development engineers. Our research shows that using Octave reduces time to revenue, as well as development, management and maintenance costs.”

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