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Skillsoft and MIT Sloan Management Review to Deliver New Tech Leadership Development Program

MIT Sloan Management Review, a research-based magazine and digital platform for business executives published at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Skillsoft, a global leader in corporate learning, are collaborating to deliver a co-branded leadership development program designed to provide a competitive edge in a digital world where innovation is key. As the digital economy demands new leadership skillsets, organisations are flattening, and individuals are assuming new leadership responsibilities at every level. Many in these new roles find themselves unprepared to lead in a digital world while organisations struggle to train the workforce in a scalable, affordable and effective way.

The Skillsoft Leadership Development Program powered by MIT Sloan Management Review provides exclusive access to visionary leadership development content that prepares leaders with the right competencies to tackle the most pressing challenges of the digital era. By joining forces, Skillsoft and MIT Sloan Management Review provide learners with cutting edge, research-based, quality content that will drive the innovation necessary for carving out a competitive advantage at a time when being digital is becoming table stakes for succeeding in today’s business world. In addition to visionary content, the co-branded leadership solution, scheduled to launch in Q1 2020, will deliver a highly engaging and immersive learning experience via Percipio, Skillsoft’s intelligent learning experience platform.

“Skillsoft and MIT Sloan Management Review are tightly aligned in our shared vision of the future of leadership development for the digital world,” said Paul Michelman, editor in chief, MIT Sloan Management Review.

“Together, we are better equipped to develop and deliver best-in-class, visionary content that will prepare leaders in every corner of the world to be successful in a digital economy. Access to leadership development training that accelerates agility, an innovation mindset and digital skills is increasingly critical in today’s digital world where innovation drives competitive advantage.”

In the first phase of the program’s rollout, content and insights from acclaimed MIT Sloan Management Review authors will be curated into the Skillsoft content library. More than 200 MIT Sloan Management Review authored articles are already available while additional articles and videos from the vast MIT Sloan Management Review collection, as well as new content created with MIT Sloan Management Review authors and editors, will be launched throughout 2020.

In the future, MIT Sloan Management Review authors and editors will participate in Skillsoft’s interactive Live Events series as well as their annual Perspectives customer conference. To further improve an organisation’s ability to digitally transform, Skillsoft and MIT Sloan Management Review will co-develop a Leadership Digital Readiness Assessment designed to provide a diagnostic indicator of an organisation’s current ability to prepare for and capitalise on the digital disruption in their respective industry.

“As technologies, law and business currencies evolve, leadership KPIs have shifted. In order to sustain strong business performance, our leaders must adapt to tomorrow’s market and workforce expectations,” said Beth Teixeira, director of learning, Comscore.

“The Skillsoft Leadership Development Program powered by MIT Sloan Management Review features the new skills our leaders need to retain top talent and respond to business demands.”

“Market volatility and uncertainty require organisations to equip leaders to assume the responsibility of driving business transformation through innovation,” said Heide Abelli, GM, Leadership & Business, Skillsoft.

“By collaborating with MIT Sloan Management Review and leveraging its renowned expert authors, we can ensure that leaders at all levels are developing the right skills and competencies required for fast-paced and rapidly changing digital business environments.”

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