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Musement’s mobile-first design with AMP rollout becomes a Google success story

Musement, which is part of the Destination Experiences division of TUI Group, is a digital discovery and booking platform for travel activities around the world that has become a Google success story with the support of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Users are now able to navigate 70% faster.

AMP, developed by Google and part of the OpenJS Foundation since last October, is an opensource project that provides a simple and robust format to ensure your website is fast, user-first and generates revenue. Musement partnered with Google in late 2018 and rolled out AMP to over 30,000 landing pages within three months.

With tickets for tours and attractions in over 1,000 destinations in 70 countries, Musement sought to find ways to make it easier and faster for people to find relevant activities, to drive click through and conversion rates, and improve the return on investment and margin per sale.

Musement was already using multiple approaches to increase performance, including data-driven attribution to give the appropriate value to each touchpoint in the conversion path as well as Smart Bidding to bid on hundreds of thousands of keywords across several accounts.

To take their performance a step further, Musement set out to explore the impact that faster page loading times would have on their click-through rate and ultimately their conversion rate and thus decided to test AMP.

First, a site analysis was carried out comparing existing performance against AMP. Early testing indicated the positive impact of AMP. Although previous improvements had reduced the full page load time of Musement’s venue pages to 8.6 seconds, creating the same page in AMP slashed the load time to just 1.8 seconds.

Upon analysis of these results, Musement pushed development of AMP across all mobile traffic in a relatively short time. The team worked to automate the roll out of AMP using Vue.JS, an opensource JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and single-page applications.

A/B testing showed that AMP pages delivered a 15% better conversion rate. AMP also boosted Musement’s average revenue per visit by 27%, an outcome Musement had not anticipated. Musement hypothesised that faster loading times meant users were able to browse more events with higher price points.

Fabio Zecchini, Co-Founder and CTO at Musement, commented:

“AMP enabled us to drastically improve the experience on Musement for users using mobile devices. By making their experience both faster and smoother, we were able to see significant improvements in nearly all metrics. Performance continues to improve, and our team remains excited about the future of AMP framework combined and bridged with PWA technology.”