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Ideal Postcodes launches Magento Address Validation Extension

With e-commerce becoming the new dominant customer outreach channel, companies are increasingly focused on optimising their online presence and shops. Companies have adopted e-commerce platforms such as Magento to enhance their online stores and improve user experience.

Magento is a leading open source e-commerce platform supporting more than 100,000 online stores. Magento-based systems have transacted $155 billion worth of goods in 2019 alone and accounts for about 30% of the total market share.

UK Address Validation Extension

Online shopping has become increasingly popular over the years, and shoppers are particular about what they want and expect from their shopping experience. Customer satisfaction is essential for a company’s success and perfecting the checkout process is critical to avoid cart-abandonment and drop out.

Once a customer reaches the checkout page, they are required by default to type in their address details. Unfortunately, typos are inevitable and sometimes the customer inputs the address in an unrecognised format.

The Magento address validation extension verifies address data typed by customers. The extension can be integrated easily to the checkout page and offers the ability to provide autocomplete and/or postcode lookups on a checkout.

With address autocomplete, once the customer types in part of the address, they will be able to select the rest from a drop down selection of correctly formatted addresses.

With postcode lookup, the customer can simply search a postcode and select their premise from a list of addresses at that postcode.

These addresses are updated daily from Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF), which is the most accurate UK premise dataset available.

• Simple and fast checkout form to save time and avoid confusion
• Speed up the checkout process and ensure customer satisfaction
• Accurate data quality
• Less customer support problems
• Device compatibility and accessibility
• Save money by avoiding failed deliveries

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