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2019: Most successful year yet for Natterbox

Natterbox, a leading provider of global voice cloud services, has today announced its 2019 highlights – its most successful year yet – underlined by strong customer growth, global expansion and increased product innovation. All of which have helped the company achieve 46% year-on-year (YoY) growth across the entire business.

A YoY revenue increase of 46% in 2019, compared to the previous year, was driven by the doubling of its customer portfolio and extending partnerships with an increasing number of leading brands such as Fruit of the Loom and Virgin Wines. To help meet the increased customer demand, Natterbox has grown its employee base by 60% since 2017. In 2018 it opened an office in Chicago and last year it expanded its US team three-fold. Thanks to its global presence with offices in USA, Australia and the UK, Natterbox serves customers in 45+ countries around the world.

Following Series A funding from Octopus Investments in 2018, Natterbox has invested significantly in product innovation and in 2019 the company announced ‘Freedom’ – a brand new interface with a host of new features, giving users the ability to work from anywhere, on whichever device they want.

As the world’s first global business phone system managed entirely within Salesforce, the Natterbox platform allows companies to revolutionise interactions with customers over the phone and provide them with a much more streamlined, informed and personalised experience. Throughout 2019, the Natterbox telephony platform supported more than 67 million calls, over 31% more than the previous year – all of which add up to a staggering 150 million minutes of phone use.

Neil Hammerton, CEO and Co-founder of Natterbox said,

“this year has been the best yet for Natterbox. We have seen growth above 40% for three consecutive years and massively added to our customer portfolio with well-renowned businesses that we are honoured to work with and support.

“Natterbox’s main aim when it was founded was to transform the telephony customer experience with personalisation and a customer service strategy that businesses can be proud of – and that hasn’t changed. Customer service has never been more critical as the digital age continues to increase customer expectations, meaning brands are challenged by waning loyalty.

“Already a global company, supporting customers across Europe, Australia and the US, we are excited to see what other parts of the world have in store for us as we head into the New Year. 2020 will be a year of blitz growth for Natterbox as we storm the telephony industry with innovation and provide our customers, old and new, with ever-evolving technology and solutions. We hope they are as excited as we are.”

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