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Robot Waitress for Hire: £3 per hour

The rising cost of labour is making the catering industry a big target for robotic companies, with catering being in the top 4 automation targets for 2020. The new waitress hire service comes of the back of the robots as a service provided by Service Robots, a UK based company.

Service Robots have already taken the events industry by storm in 2019 with there first autonomous photography robot which was featured at the Well Child Awards with Prince Harry and featured in the press at its first official robotic wedding in April 2019.

Service robots have now released their ‘Amy’ Waitress which is a full 5ft3″ tall robot waitress that also serves champagne autonomously.

Service robots sold and hired over 600 robots in 2019 making it one of the largest UK service robot companies.

Research predicts there will be 1.3 million installations of RaaS (Robots as a Service) according to ABIby 2026 generating $34 billion in revenue.

Providing an engaging alternative to traditional serving staff, is giving customers the opportunity to hire a new waitress robot called AMY for only £3 per hour.

Designed to serve drinks and/or food, the robot can also be programmed to greet guests and deliver a sales pitch, marketing message or other information. A screen on the front of the robot provides an opportunity to create a visual display which can include further marketing material, contact details or similar.

Robot hire is becoming an increasingly popular choice for a range of different events. Ideal for corporate occasions, conferences, exhibitions, parties or as a portable advertising method, robots are a useful icebreaker as well as a good opportunity to market goods or services. Because people like to be seen with a robot, it’s highly likely that AMY (complete with the client’s preferred message on the front screen) will end up on a variety of social media channels. The photogenic nature of AMY is a significant advantage of using the robot, helping your brand to be shared more widely.

The robot not only conveys food and drink, but it will also interact with guests, delegates or prospective customers. Interaction varies from greetings and marketing messages through to delivering an entire sales pitch! The robot can work for as long as ten hours continuously between battery charges – long enough to work throughout an entire day at a conference or similar event.

With robot hire from working out at about £3 an hour, plus a one-off hire payment, this is an economical form of advertising. AMY also has a high level of novelty value, encouraging interaction, image shares on social media and creating a “wow” factor that can really help to engage an audience.

Tim Warrington MD at Service Robots explains:

“The robot is not designed to take someone’s job.  Our AI robots are technically cobots, meaning they work with people to enhance customer experience. All restaurants and venues are trying hard to be different – for now, our Robots are very different so they are trying them out.”

A company spokesperson for added:

“AMY is one of the best marketing tools to get customers sharing on social media about the venue they are working in.”

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