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Speechmatics and Soho2 partner to launch Speech2

Speechmatics and Soho2 have today announced their partnership to deliver consulting services to their customers, and a new product offering ‘Speech2’. The industry-first solution is designed to leverage the latest advancements in any-context speech recognition for machine learning driven content analysis.

Soho2 has significant depth in delivering machine-learning driven solutions to market. The new product from Soho2 will give companies in legal, compliance and contact centers the invaluable ability to analyze voice data garnered from calls. Speech2 enables companies to bring new levels of flexibility to data analysis for high-volume, real time or recorded voice data through mission-critical, accurate speech recognition.

Using AI and machine learning, the solution will deliver an unparalleled ability to derive insight from voice data and also manage risk. The product can be deployed in any customer-managed environment to enable control over personal or sensitive data to be retained.

As part of the new product offering, Speechmatics – a UK leader in any context speech recognition technology – will transcribe voice data into accurate, contextual understanding for analysis. Speech2 will allow businesses to identify and address risks, as well as pinpoint missing sales opportunities. The product can also identify cases of fraud, while the legal industry can identify risks with the data, and even aid with event reconstruction.

George Tziahanas, Managing Partner of Soho2, said:

“Our experience demonstrates the potential for great innovation in machine learning, delivering huge commercial value to enterprises across industries. We teamed up with Speechmatics to ensure our latest services and product deliver the best speech recognition technology on the market. The partnership enables us to innovate with voice securely which is crucial to our customers and industries.”

Jeff Palmer, VP of Sales at Speechmatics, added:

“Speech2 will deliver unparalleled insights and risk management abilities, using Speechmatics’ any-context speech recognition engine. Soho2 also brings depth in services that deliver high-value machine learning solutions, which will benefit our customer-base. We’re excited to be working with Soho2 and seeing how their customers derive value from their voice data and view it with a renewed sense of curiosity.”