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Sustainable Data Centre Cooling Solution Comes to Europe

Chicago based Tripp Lite has now made it easier than ever to bring cooling efficiency to Edge applications and businesses’ data centres by introducing their NEW Smart Rack Aisle Containment System.

The leading global manufacturer of power protection and connectivity solutions has now designed an aisle containment system that incorporates the existing rack infrastructure and can be easily installed and refit, without the assistance from a contractor. The system, which keeps hot and cool air separate, now guarantees better temperature control and improved equipment performance in hot or cold aisle environments.

Tripp Lite will officially be launching this cutting edge product in Europe, along with their latest Edge Ready Micro Data Centres, at Data Centre World 2020. Their unique exhibition stand, created by Quadrant2Design, will feature an attention-grabbing design that will resemble their Smart Rack Aisle Containment System.

Taking the Heat off Businesses

Dealing with the heat generated in data centres or service rooms has become an expensive and difficult problem for many businesses. If servers and other data centre equipment are insufficiently cooled, they are prone to a shortened lifespan. The damage caused by gradual over-heating or “Hot-Spots” is not always immediately obvious and can result in hardware failure that can happen over weeks or even months.

Many organisations have discovered that it is far more cost-effective and energy-efficient to isolate the racks in a contained aisle solution instead of trying to maintain cooling for an entire server room or provide expensive custom cooling solutions to a specific rack. Historically, because of the complexity and inflexibility of most data centre cooling solutions, businesses need to hire contractors to install them. If a business is looking to relocate to another building, quite often these aisle containment systems cannot be dismantled and refit to a new space. This is not only costly but also incredibly wasteful.

Tripp Lite has now developed a cost-effective and sustainable solution to this problem which will benefit many businesses. The low cost, flexible modular design of their Smart Rack Aisle Containment System means that it can be re-assembled and/or expanded multiple times for new installations and refits. The game-changing aisle containment system, which has been purposely designed for businesses to easily build themselves, comes in manageable kits that include everything needed for assembly.

A Leading Lite in Data Centre Solutions

Tripp Lite’s showcase of this product at Data Centre World 2020, will be in conjunction with the launch of their Edge Ready Micro Data Centres. These products have been designed specifically for applications such as branch offices, banks, retail locations, and gaming centres that lack space and have limited IT support. This ability to customise and then standardise as a solution makes these micro centres a more cost-effective and reliable option for many businesses of this scale.

If you are interested in learning more about Tripp Lite’s Smart Rack Aisle System or their Edge Ready Micro Data Centres, you can find them at Excel London from 11th – 13th March 2020 on stand D910.