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Clearvision Achieves Record Revenue in 2019 with Successful Customer Acquisition

Clearvision, a premier Atlassian-based solutions and services company, achieved record revenue in 2019, largely thanks to the continued value of its cloud-first solutions and services. As the largest Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner in Europe, Clearvision posted a 30% increase in annual recurring revenue for 2019, seeing turnover increase to £35 million; it is now forecasting to hit £41 million in 2020.

The secret of Clearvision’s success is largely down to them being a cloud-first organisation, at a time businesses are migrating their mainstream apps and infrastructure by the masses to the cloud. According to CEO Gerry Tombs,

“Most importantly, we give our customers flexibility and choice — they either have their own cloud, outsource a third party such as Atlassian SaaS Service Cloud, or they use our managed hosted solution ClearHost. We recognise that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work, and we are able to meet our customers’ needs, as well as support their choice of cloud while enabling them to scale and grow as and when they see fit.”

2019 also saw rapid growth in Clearvision’s innovative ClearHub service. ClearHub is the world’s only dedicated Atlassian contractor network.

Here, customers can hire Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and Agile contractors on mid to long-term engagements with three very unique characteristics. Unlike a recruitment agency, ClearHub provides inbuilt technical support for their contractors. They technically test and vet their network and they provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Furthermore, clients can engage Clearvision’s fully-managed service with a tailored team of project managers, consultants and contractors. With IR35 coming into force in the private sector in April 2020, more and more companies are looking for these managed solutions to fix their impending contractor challenges.

Other key milestones in 2019 include growing their partner base; Mavenlink, Checkmarx, Comalatech and SoftComply to name several, with new solutions being introduced.

In today’s ever-evolving digital world, security has never been more important, and with an ongoing commitment to keeping customers safe and secure, last year Clearvision achieved ISO 27001 certification. ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised framework helping organisations manage and protect their information assets. ISO 27001 is a global benchmark for security best practices, and businesses are only awarded if they pass a successful audit. This certification will therefore aid them in building trust and confidence in their customers as they’ll see how seriously Clearvision takes the protection of data. Following this, Clearvision became Cyber Essentials certified in January 2020.

Also recognised as a Sunday ‘Times 100 Best Small Company to Work For’, staff turnover is at an all-time low, thanks to the efforts placed on giving employees the opportunity to experience new and exciting challenges. Gerry Tombs comments:

“We created a tool based on personality profiles and teams, which we then developed as a plug-in. This helps teams to understand how they operate, whether personalities are complementary or not, and it rewrites a team’s personality profile. People are a critical element to our business, so it is important that we continue to invest in them.”

In addition, Clearvision formed a group called Hearts and Minds, which has focused on the wellbeing of employees. Part of this initiative has involved giving back to the community, by creating and participating in multiple initiatives, such as the Blue Cross charity days, the redecoration work on the Samaritans office in Southampton, and the multiple cases where employees participated in events supporting charitable causes.

The environment is also a priority. Clearvision plants a tree for every employee’s child, in their name, and they have recently decided to make a donation to the WWF Australian Wildfire & Nature Recovery Fund instead of giving away branded merchandising at the Atlassian Summit. The company hopes other exhibitors will join their #NoSwag initiative to help reduce event related plastic and other types of waste.

Clearly the company is winning on all fronts, not just with its customers and partners but with its people.

A summary of key 2019 highlights:

● Revenue Growth: 2019 revenues were £35.5m — a 30% increase on 2018’s revenue of £27.2m. The goal is to hit £41 million in 2020. This record-breaking revenue has been achieved through superior service and customer acquisitions, with Clearvision now having more than 1000 customers worldwide, and with a growing percentage of these providing recurring revenue.
● Employee Growth: Clearvision expanded its workforce and continues to grow the number of A Class Visionaries across all areas of the business. Many of these positions will be remote, as the company continues its transition towards a geographically distributed workforce.
● Partner Growth: The partner ecosystem has expanded, impacting the business in a positive way, through for example the creation of new products i.e. MediCompli, a solution for the medical devices industry, created with partners Comalatech and SoftComply.
● Superior Accreditation and Innovation: Achieved ISO 27001 accreditation, which paved the way for increased security with Cyber Essentials certification being obtained in January 2020.
● Industry Awards: Won a ‘Sunday Times 100 Best Small Company To Work For’ Award in 2019, which they’ve entered again in 2020. Clearvision was also a finalist in the Solent Business Awards, in addition to being profiled in the Autumn 2019 Thames Valley Business Barometer.