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Software giants collaborate on exciting projects ahead of joint Tech Day

With hypervisor technology rapidly gaining in importance, OpenSynergy has seen a sharp increase in orders for series development. In order to satisfy this demand, the automotive virtualization technology company has embarked on partnerships with two leading service companies for software-based product development; GlobalLogic and Mobica.

OpenSynergy’s collaboration with GlobalLogic will deliver a game-changing virtualisation platform for the automotive industry. The strategic partnership will provide OpenSynergy with access to a unique pool of talented engineers and flexibility in scaling, while GlobalLogic proves itself as an innovative and reliable partner. This portfolio of next-generation virtualisation products combined with a depth of expertise in the automotive market will accelerate the delivery of production-ready solutions.

Mobica, which operates in many other areas of the automotive space including telematics, mobility, integrated digital cockpits, in-vehicle connectivity and security, will be a valuable resource for OpenSynergy. The software services company has vast experience working on cutting-edge projects, which will provide the developers with the domain knowledge and expertise required when developing such innovative solutions.

Radomir Grucza, VP Head of Sales DACH in GlobalLogic, said:

“Automotive is one of the fastest growing segments in our software engineering portfolio. Our focus is on digital cockpit and ADAS functions in the car and connected mobility services in the cloud. I am fully convinced that the partnership with OpenSynergy will help to deliver a more efficient way value into the next generation car solutions”.

Simon Wilkinson, CEO of Mobica, also comments on the partnership:

“Our engagement with OpenSynergy is one based on trust and collaboration for mutual benefit. Together, we have gained some incredible experience in both the automotive sector and virtualization technology.

“This, combined with both companies’ exceptional engineering talent, means we can deliver significant value from the cutting-edge hypervisor technology which OpenSynergy is world-class leaders in, to our mutual customers.”

OpenSynergy’s automotive virtual platform, which is based on VIRTIO technology, complements the features of the COQOS Hypervisor SDK. OpenSynergy is a forerunner in defining VIRTIO specifications compliant to the automotive requirements. It is the core of OpenSynergy’s approach to work with a large network of partners such as SoC vendors, software companies developing operating systems, applications or HMIs. OpenSynergy is also contributing to and pushing for automotive standards in its role as member in consortia like GENIVI, AGL, OASIS, AUTOSAR and Bluetooth SIG. COQOS Hypervisor SDK customers have several options:

1) order OpenSynergy’s software development kits and develop the solutions themselves;

2) use OpenSynergy’s expert integration services, or

3) obtain a license for the COQOS Hypervisor SDK and work directly with integration partners such as GlobalLogic and Mobica. Developers from GlobalLogic and Mobica are very familiar with the product and have delivered serial production independently, based on OpenSynergy’s technology.

GlobalLogic and Mobica’s engineering services comply with the latest update to Automotive SPICE (V3.0) meeting the requirements of ISO26262.

At OpenSynergy’s Tech Day in Munich on February 11th, visitors will have an opportunity to see demonstrations on these exciting projects by OpenSynergy, GlobalLogic, and Mobica. The demonstrations begin at 12pm midday, at Moosacherstr 86.