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UK Gambling operators in pole position when it comes to technology explains why tech adoption and development is integral to the gambling industry

Almost every area of our lives is being transformed by the tech revolution, but even those working in tech are surprised to learn that one of the leading sectors in tech adoption is the gambling industry.

Step back just twenty years and traditional gambling was almost exclusively the province of betting shops and casinos.  While these still exist, online technology has attracted a whole new generation of gamers, with easy platforms that enable players to access online casino favourites like Texas Hold-Em online poker, online scratchcards, BlackJack and online roulette without leaving their home (and often, without leaving their armchair!)

Since 2017, Google’s Android store has allowed real-money gaming and online Casino apps, allowing smartphone tech to embrace a new realm of players – it’s proved to be a highly competitive sector, with UK gambling operators keen to utilise the latest tech developments like AI and VR to maintain a competitive edge.

The UK Gambling Commission reports that the entire UK Gambling industry had a yield of £14.4 billion in 2019 – a whopping 37% of this is attributed to online betting, bingo and casinos.


Cross-platform app development & Cybersecurity Expertise

To thrive in this rapidly growing and competitive environment, UK Gambling operators are funding constant investment in cross platform app development and research, the latest tech advances and crucially, in cybersecurity.  Like every other sector of the online marketplace, online casinos, bingo and other game operators face challenges like hacking, ransomware, DDoS attacks – and emerging cryptocurrencies add to the tech challenges.

For UK operators who want to stay ahead of their own game, this means employing the best tech talent and the UK gambling industry is becoming a significant employer in the tech sector.


AI and Machine Learning

For those with an interest in AI and machine learning, a tech career in the UK gambling industry is particularly attractive, as online games give the opportunity for app developers to create cutting-edge personalised AI responses using sound, time series, text, image and video – while areas such as CRM, customer loyalty, marketing automation, social marketing and social listening are also areas of rapid tech growth.


UK Gambling Operators leading way in tech careers

The lucrative gambling industry needs the best – and it is emerging as a leading employer in areas like content management, web design, IT support, community management, technical support and related fields.  Many of these roles are suited to remote working, and the online gambling sector is becoming an increasingly attractive proposition for those looking for a tech career, with desirable, sought-after roles, a high focus on skills development and attractive salaries.

As the industry continues to lead on tech developments, some of the best UK tech talent is taking a bet on working in the gambling industry.  If things continue to develop and expand at the current pace, the odds for tech professionals joining the sector look pretty good.