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Xpedition upgrades more than one million Openwork clients to the digital age

Xpedition, leader in the implementation of cloud-based business applications, has deployed a new system which has digitally transformed the customer experience for Openwork, one of the largest financial advice businesses in the UK.

Openwork has a professional community of more than 3,600 financial advisers which it provides services and support to ensure they can deliver optimum service to their clients. Dynamics 365 is planned to roll-out to 6000 users over a five-year period. With Xpedition’s support and delivery of this innovative, new Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, each Openwork network member now has access to a customised portal along with core customer management and financial advice functions, plus various adaptations to fit their different business models. This enables financial advisers to offer tailored advice to suit their client’s personal needs, whether it’s for investments, pensions, mortgages or financial protection.

To offer better account visibility, a self-service offering has also been installed. The administrative processes have also been automated, whereas before they were operating on legacy, outdated systems. The cloud-based technology enables Openwork to take advantage of new emerging technology and embrace new network user needs that surface as their client base continues to grow.

Initial roll-out will be across 12 Openwork firms. In the next two years, all 650 advice firms in the network will see the benefits of the digital transformation, supporting more than one million clients.

Xpedition was selected from a shortlist of service providers to deploy the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution to provide the flexible and proven functionality that Openwork needed to replace its legacy systems and overcome its fast-expanding customer base. The platform enables the development team to configure application functionality in a low code environment, meaning they can be more responsive with embracing new technology demands as they evolve.

“The combination of an agile development approach, the future-focused Dynamics 365 technology and our team of highly experienced and responsive consultants has delivered the capabilities Openwork need to serve their customers in the digital age,” said Dean Carroll, General Manager, Xpedition.

“The Xpedition team has risen to Openwork’s challenge and provided the organisation with the efficiencies and flexibility needed to support ongoing growth and customer loyalty, served up on a trusted, world-class platform that offers far more adaptability and potential than a bespoke financial services solution.”

Other issues have been tackled such as securing and segregating centrally held data, to avoid complications with firms dealing with the same customer for multiple reasons, and meeting stringent security and compliance needs. Xpedition consultants worked in sprints alongside Openwork analysts to deliver the functionality needed to create a truly innovative client lifecycle management solution.

Craig Woodhouse, Technical Consultant, Openwork, adds:

“The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform provides the flexible and proven functionality that Openwork needs for market-leading customer experiences and robust security and compliance. It includes seamless integration with existing Microsoft office systems, KPI reporting and analysis, and comprehensive data access via its open API which is complemented by Microsoft’s Logic Apps and other Azure services.”