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Collaboration delivers a multi-lingual voicebot offering

Spitch AG, the leading developer of enterprise speech solutions, with headquarters in Switzerland and offices in London, Madrid and Milan, today announced a partnership with Creative Virtual, a world leader in customer and employee engagement solutions. The collaboration will utilise the technologies of both companies to provide customers with self-service solutions capable of enhancing customer experience, sales and support services.

The integration of Spitch’s voice technologies and Creative Virtual’s V-Person™ natural language chatbots and virtual agents brings an industry-leading voicebot offering to the market. These multi-lingual solutions empower organisations to improve their customer experience, increase revenue and deliver better support with seamless, omnichannel self-service.

“We are delighted to bring the voice channel to this innovative and exciting partnership with Creative Virtual” says Piergiorgio Vittori, Spitch AG’s Global Business Development Director and Country Manager for UK, Ireland and Italy.

“The combination of our best of breed technologies and solutions will together provide voicebot solutions which are both powerful and effective in further enhancing the customer experience”.

“As an established leader in chatbot and virtual agent technology, Creative Virtual is proud to bring over 16 years of industry expertise and innovation to this partnership,” says Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO of Creative Virtual.

“By voice-enabling our virtual agents with Spitch’s powerful speech technologies, we are able to offer organisations even more ways to engage customers in their native language to improve their experience and support.”

The flexibility of the integrated technologies allows for unlimited customisation and is backed by the combined experience of the Spitch and Creative Virtual global teams. The partnership is already creating interest in the marketplace, with the companies currently collaborating on several projects.